Signing of the collaboration protocol between the Municipality of Roncade, Fondazione Città di Roncade, Chamber of Commerce of Treviso – Belluno

Pozza: capacity for analysis of a vast area. The Chamber of Commerce takes the field in its strategic role as holder of the wealth of statistical data on territorial phenomena.

Economy - published on 02 September 2021
Source: Chamber of Commerce of Treviso – Belluno|Dolomiti press office
Treviso, 02 September 2021. With this collaboration agreement between the Municipality of Roncade, Fondazione Città di Roncade and the Chamber of Commerce of Treviso –
, the technical contribution of the Chamber will consist of a supra-municipal analysis that will highlight the characteristics and ongoing transformations of the
socio-economic fabric in the Roncade area
. The analysis plans will cover business demography by sector, labour market dynamics, tourism, medium- to long-term population trends.
We are signing an agreement that aims to provide operational support based on data to monitor and guide the strategic choices of a territory that has equipped itself with a strategic plan that
is to be applauded for its focus on a sustainable economy to make Roncade a place capable of meeting the challenges of the global world of today and the future – states President Mario
-. The Chamber of Commerce, in its strategic role and with its wealth of statistical analysis of territorial phenomena, will also contribute with a wide-area view, thanks to an
analysis of big data
The study, in fact, will concern 7 municipalities in the Treviso area, in addition to Roncade (Breda, Casale sul Sile, Casier, Monastier, San Biagio di Callalta, Silea, Zenson di
Piave) and 3 municipalities in the Venice area (Fossalta di Piave, Meolo, Quarto d’Altino): a basin of over 90,000 inhabitants, straddling the manufacturing vocations of the Treviso area and the
tourist vocations of the Venice area, and close to fundamental connection infrastructures: motorway, railway, airports. Our territories, – concludes the President, – are now being put to the
test by the sudden change in supply methods, new consumption, the evolution of logistics dynamics and the economic fallout from the pandemic.
We wanted to update the Strategic Plan for the Sustainable Economic Development of the Municipality of Roncade for the post-Covid-19 recovery and development of the municipal territory, also in
continuity with the lines of action outlined in the previous Strategic Plan – highlights Pieranna Zottarelli Mayor of the Municipality of Roncade – and in harmony with the addresses
of the UN 23 Agenda, the EU 2021-27 multiannual programming and the National Plan for Recovery and Resilience (PNRR). A plan with a complex and multidisciplinary structure for the issues addressed
that require transversal technical and scientific expertise shared with the Chamber of Commerce and stakeholders.
The development of the territory requires a vision that looks at planning, territorial marketing, competitive and internationalisation strategies, – says Simonetta Rubinato, President
of Fondazione Città di Roncade. – However, strategic action must be attentive and also look at an environment that is valuable for the well-being of all the people who live in it, looking at
sustainable economic development capable of attracting people, projects and businesses, but also inclusive for all members of the community through strategic alliances between public and public,
public and private including the Third Sector.

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