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President Pozza: We have an important objective: the 250 most critical procedures must be simplified by 2023.

Economy - published on 27 July 2021
Source: press office presidency of the Chamber of Commerce of Treviso Belluno – Dolomites
Treviso, 26 July 2021.
Adjustment of provisions for the issue of certificates of origin
The activity of the Foreign Certification Services – informs the President of the Chamber of Commerce Mario Pozza – involves the Chamber of Commerce in a relevant way, considering
the high number of exporting companies present in our territories: on average, about 30,000 certificates of origin are requested and processed per year. You can see the numbers below.
2020 2020 2021 *
Tot. member companies 15 216 260
Total number of certificates printed in the company 449 3732 4285
Tot. certificates of origin issued 30400 24465 14239
% In-house printing on tot. certificates 1,48% 15,25% 30,09%
* until 14.7.2021
Of course, during 2020 the health emergency from COVID-19 caused a drop in the data (about -20%), but during 2021 the trend so far shows a return to the usual flows.
We always say that even during the lockdown the Chamber of Commerce has never stopped, in fact, since 2019 the request for issuance of certificates of origin and other documents for foreign
countries is made exclusively by telematics, through the special IT platform created by InfoCamere.
Our Chamber of Commerce offers applicant companies the service of delivery of the certificates of origin requested and paid for electronically at the company’s headquarters. It is only
necessary to apply and pay an annual flat rate for the costs of the express courier service chosen.
Below are the details of the delivery service:
What is new is that the 2019 national provisions have experimentally introduced the procedure of “in-company printing” of certificates of origin, reserved for companies with special requirements
(regular exporters, Economic Operators authorised by the Customs Agency).
With in-company printing, the member company, once the Chamber’s preliminary investigation of control and verification of the origin of the goods has been completed, receives via PEC the files
to be used for printing the certificate and visas on other documents, which it can print directly at its own offices.
This procedure – continues Pozzatherefore allows the company not to move from its own premises, except to obtain, on a one-off basis, the official blank forms of the
certificates of origin provided by Unioncamere, based on a quantity to be agreed with the Chamber.
Since 2019, the Chamber of Commerce of Treviso-Belluno has carried out a massive information campaign towards companies, starting with those most export-oriented, which has led to a steady and
significant increase in memberships and certifications extracted with this innovative method, as witnessed by the table below:
2019 2020 2021 *
Total number of participating companies 15 216 260
Total number of certificates printed in the company 449 3732 4285
Tot. certificates of origin issued 30400 24465 14239
% In-house printing on tot. certificates 1,48% 15,25% 30,09%
* until 14.7.2021
There are some criticalities in the customs operations carried out by some countries that are more demanding on the production of documents accompanying international trade operations,
criticalities that are followed directly by Unioncamere through collaboration with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, the Foreign Representations in Italy and Italian
representations abroad.
Exports are back on track. And this time, it is not our sample survey that certifies it, although statistically robust, but Istat data relating to the first quarter of 2021. The presentation
press conference will be held on 5 August, – says President Pozza, – and a further improvement on the first quarter figure is expected.
The voice of business for a simpler PA
We have an important objective, – highlights President Pozza, – by 2023 the 250 most critical procedures must be simplified.
From 28 June to 30 October 2021, citizens and businesses can report directly to the Office for Simplification at the Department of Public Administration on the requests and bureaucratic formalities
they have found to be most critical and which they believe should be made simpler and faster.
At the end of the consultation, a report will be published which will give an anonymous account of the data collected.
The consultations are part of the National Recovery and Resilience Plan’s (NRP) objective to simplify the 250 most critical procedures for citizens and businesses by 2023.
The tool identified is the Government’s ParteciPa IT platform ( dedicated to consultation and public
participation processes.
It is an opportunity to be an active part of the change, bringing to light the main bureaucratic complications encountered during your experience.
To take part in the two consultations, simply register on the Government’s ‘ParteciPa’ platform and fill in a short questionnaire online.
Business associations can also participate by sending their contributions by email to the following address:

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