Sporting Class Emotions | Generazione 2026 meets the third and fifth classes of PIANCA SCHOOL in Conegliano Veneto (TV)

2nd online meeting | The meeting with the first two classes of the bilingual primary school Pianca School in Conegliano Veneto (TV)

Events - published on 14 February 2022ì_14_febbraio_pianca_school_-_conegliano_veneto_tv.png
Source: press office of the President of the Chamber of Commerce Treviso-Belluno|Dolomiti
A moment of encounter between the two classes of PIANCA SCHOOL, the Italian-English bilingual school of Conegliano Veneto (TV) and “Generazione 2026 – Sport Powered By Youth and
, aimed at training and sharing the values of sport and the Olympic Spirit.
Interactive projections involved the students, who were at the forefront of the debate, giving their point of view and talking about themselves and their daily sports.
Great interaction and participation in an atmosphere of interest and curiosity.
This is how the second appointment of “Emozioni Sportive di classe” took place on Monday 14 February, with excellent results.

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