Sustainability, access to credit and crisis prevention

Courses and conferences - published on 07 October 2021
Source: press office Chamber of Commerce Treviso – Belluno|Dolomiti
The correct communication of financial sustainability, access to credit through new sources and crisis prevention are three essential actions for a company that today intends not only to remain
but also to grow in the market
The ability to draw up, interpret and present in the best possible way publicly available company documents to lenders and other parties of interest to the company, in fact, represents a
fundamental lever for obtaining the resources needed to maintain and develop the company’s business.
Similarly, the introduction, monitoring and possible correction of one’s own accounting and organisational structures demonstrate the adoption of a modus operandi capable of guaranteeing
adequate company solidity
, both internally, aimed at crisis prevention, and externally, in terms of perception by external parties.
Finally, the use of Facilitated Finance as a complementary source of credit to the banking circuit, if well managed and planned, allows the company not to overload its debt positions and to obtain
support for its growth and development.
14 October 2021 | 11:00 – 13:00
11:00 – 11:10 Introductory remarks
Mario Pozza – President of the Chamber of Commerce of Treviso Belluno
11:10 – 11:40 Communicating financial sustainability: the balance sheet and the Centrale Rischi seen by banks
Luigi Malachini – Ph.D and CEO GhostCFOSrl;
11:40 – 12:10 “Adequate accounting and organisational structures”: what they are and why they are necessary
Daniele Vanin – Partner CONSIMP – Studio Associato di Consulenza d’impresa
12:10 – 12:40 Diversification of sources: facilitated finance instruments
Jacopo Chiari – Project Manager Innexta
12:40 – 13:00 Debate
Moderator: Roberto Brero Senior Project Manager Innexta

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