Technical Institute of mechatronics centre in Belluno is up and running – Berton: an extraordinary result for our students and local companies. The skills challenge has been taken up.

The course will start in autumn at the ITI Segato. Organised by the Its Mechatronic Veneto Foundation

Events - published on 06 September 2021
Source: press office Confindustria Belluno Dolomiti
Belluno 4 September 2021 – Now it’s official: in autumn 2021 the course forHigher technician for automation and mechatronic systems” of the Veneto ITS (Technical
Institute) Academy Mechatronic Foundation will start in Belluno, at the IIS Segato. This is an absolute novelty in the field of training in Belluno, strongly supported by Confindustria Belluno
Dolomiti on the basis of requests from local companies.
The minimum number of 20 students required to start the course has been reached, but selections are still open until 19 September. The start date of the lessons will be at the beginning of
We have been working towards this goal for more than two years, but we have finally achieved it. Not even the pandemic stopped us, – says Lorraine Berton, president of the Belluno
industry. – We are very pleased: this is a new opportunity that we are making available to our girls and boys.
There was a strong request from local companies to find new specialised profiles in the mechatronics field. – We immediately responded to this request by starting a close dialogue with the ITS
Academy Mechatronic Veneto Foundation, – recalls Berton. – A dialogue that we then extended to all the players in the area, starting with ITI Segato of Belluno, which from the
outset believed in the validity of the initiative, first with Salvatore Russotto, then with the current manager Ilaria Chiarusi and the operational support of the teacher Michele
This is an important milestone, especially at this time of recovery, – says Giorgio Spanevello, General Manager of ITS Academy Mechatronic Veneto. – The new headquarters in the
Belluno area is an important addition to the training offered by our ITS, which responds to a specific request from the local production system. The response from the students has been very
positive, which means that they have understood the value of post-diploma technical training in the mechatronics field in preparing them for high-level positions that are often unavailable.
IIS Segato will host the two-year post-diploma advanced training course, both in theory and in practice and laboratory.
However, all the schools in the Belluno area have been mobilised with a capillary orientation work that has seen the participation, in first person, of several entrepreneurs such as Davide
, CEO of Technowrapp, Stefano Giacomelli, General Manager of Sinteco and Bucci Automation Division, and the same group of Young Entrepreneurs led by Marco Da Rin
It is no coincidence that students will be arriving in Belluno from many secondary schools throughout the province, especially technical ones, from Cadore to feltre.
The first selections were held at the end of July in Vicenza, headquarters of the ITS Mechatronic Veneto Foundation, and so, in order to facilitate the candidates from Belluno, Confindustria
Belluno Dolomiti has made a coach available.
We have done and will continue to do our part. The companies in the area are ready to open their doors, offer structured internships and translate them into jobs, concrete opportunities for the
future, – Berton points out. – Belluno manufacturing sector continues to be hungry for new skills in the digital and 4.0 fields. The pandemic itself has only reiterated the urgency of
having new, well-prepared figures if we want to engage in the recovery. I am convinced that this will be a path of common growth.
The new ITS (Technical Institute) is part of the new framework of training made in Belluno, which has been pursued with determination by the association of industrialists in the Dolomites
after the Luiss Business School, the Digital Innovation Hub and the many proposals of Reviviscar, the training arm of Confindustria Belluno Dolomiti: all entities that have continued to provide
training even in the hardest months of the lockdown first and then the red zone through the implementation of distance learning and innovative training models.
Investing in training means retaining talent in the area, curbing the brain and labour drain. In the Belluno area, the mechatronics sector is a point of absolute excellence that must be
defended. This is the contribution that we, as industrialists, are making to the region. It is a sign of trust, and only where there is trust can there be a vision of the future, –
Berton concluded.
Selections are still open, for any information
Fact sheet – What is ITS Mechatronics?
ITS Mechatronics (ITS stands for Istituto Tecnico Superiore) is a two-year post-maturity course that provides two thousand hours of training – of which 1200 in the classroom and 800
in the company – and is open to all people with a secondary school diploma, students, the unemployed and the unemployable.
The course – managed by the Veneto ITS Mechatronics Foundation – is financed by the Veneto Region, through the European Social Fund, and by Miur.
The ITS (Technical Institute) Academy Mechatronic Foundation is present in all the main cities in the Veneto Region with cutting-edge, highly effective courses, as demonstrated by the 98% rate of
employability of trainees, one of the highest at national level. There are almost 200 participating companies throughout the Veneto region that open their doors to students for training periods.
Specifically, the Advanced Technician for Automation and Mechatronic Systems operates in the context of solutions used to create, integrate and control machines and automatic systems for the most
diverse types of production. He/she uses the interface devices between the controlled machines and the programmable apparatuses that control them, on which he/she intervenes to programme, test
and commission them, documenting the solutions developed. He manages command, control and regulation systems.
He collaborates with the technological structures in charge of creating, producing and maintaining the devices on which he works. He also looks after and monitors economic, regulatory and safety
The student can find employment in companies that design, produce and install automated production, processing and storage systems, or be inserted within the same production cycle.

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