Tecnica Group leads an innovative recycling project for the ski boot industry.

The italian group launches a circular economy project to recycle used ski boots into secondary raw material, involving producers, retailers and consumers, saving resources and reducing CO2 emissions.

Sport - published on 17 February 2021


Source: Fondazione Cortina 2021 press office

Cortina d’Ampezzo (BL), 15th February 2021 – The Cortina World Championships have always had an eye on sustanaibility issues, which is why they are hosting today at Casa Veneto the
presentation of Recycle Your Boots, a Tecnica Group project that brings the circular economy into the ski supply chain. Tecnica Group is one of the major players in the
sporting goods industry, with brands such as Tecnica, Blizzard and Nordica, and the notorious Moon Boot.

Recycle Your Boots is not just an invention, as Tecnica Group President Alberto Zanatta explains: We are not simply creating and selling a product, but setting up a
fully-integrated sustainable process: production, transport, recycling, consumers. We have chosen to present it during the World Campionship because is a project that involves everybody.
When an old pair of ski boots reaches the end of its useful life, at best it ends up in landfills or burned in a waste-to-energy plant. Tecnica Group has rethought this process, taking care of a
process that collects, recycles and regenerates materials, to be used as components of new ski boots or for the production of other products.
The collaboration of retailers is fundamental, but also that of consumers: We hope to involve skiers who want to contribute, with us, to reducing the environmental footprint of the skiing
world. At the same time, we have the possibility to support retailers (severely tried by lockdown and the competition with e-commerce), inviting consumers to go to stores for a good cause.


Basically, any skier who wants a new pair of Tecnica ski boots, can return their old ones, from any brand. Tecnica Group will then recycle the old pair in a transparent and sustainable process.
We looked for the right technologies and the right partners to realize this project – Stefano Trentin, Business Unit Manager Blizzard-Tecnica explais -. The old ski boots will be
collected by retailers, and transported in smart batches to reduce emissions. The Italian company Fecam will remove the liners and dismantle each boot to separate the plastic and metal
components. All parts will then be transported to the nearby Laprima Plastics plant and transformed into secondary raw materials, such as plastic granules and recovered aluminium, ready to be
recast and and reused in industrial production. In addition, the liners are shredded to make new padding.

Recycle Your Boots will influence the way Tecnica Group designs its ski boots in the future. The Tecnica Group’s innovation team is already working to implement the use of secondary raw
material from the Recycle Your Boots process in new products and new ski components, while new ski boots will be designed to facilitate the recycling process. The Group also aims to open
the project to other types of products and brands, even outside the ski sector.


The Industrial Engineering Department of the University of Padova is a strategic partner to the project, with two different research teams. A first one, led by Professor Michele
, it will deal with research and development on the innovative boot recycling process. The other one, led by professor Alessandro Manzardo, will measure the resulting production
and disposal of ski boots, to evaluate its effectiveness in terms of reducing potential environmental impacts, including CO2 emissions. The Recycle Your Boots project has applied to the
European Commission’s LIFE programme, the EU’s funding instrument for environment and climate action, and is currently under evaluation.


From autumn 2021 the Recycle Your Boots project will start at retailers across the Alps, in Italy, France, Switzerland, Austria and Germany. The plan is for Sweden, Norway
and Spain to hopefully join the programme soon, and Tecnica Group intends to extend the project to North America with a local recycling partner able to support the process.

However, the most critical element will be mobilizing the skiing community, its retailers and consumers.

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