The Authentic Italian Table: Chef’s Table Dinner Series photos are up!

Promo - published on 16 October 2020

Source:Italy-America Chamber of Commerce

The Authentic Italian Table: Chef’s Table Dinner Series The IACC was pleased to present a series of five Chef’s Table Dinners hosted in collaboration with Ospitalita’ Italiana-certified authentic
Italian restaurants throughout the New York City area. These events, open to select members of the food media and trade, were aimed at promoting the benefits and value of high-quality Italian food
products. Each dinner featured a four-course menu prepared using PDO and PGI products from various regions in Italy, showcasing a range of regionally-sourced and produced food and beverage items.
Participants had the opportunity to sample these authentic products and learned about the unique properties and traditional production methods of these ingredients from prominent chefs and food
industry experts.

September 8th – Osteria 57

September 9th – Lucciola Italian Restaurant

September 11th – Osteria Brooklyn

September 15th – Rezdôra

September 16th – Simò Pizza

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