The Belluno community and its institutions meet with the Holy Father.

Nadia Zampol Vice President of the Chamber of Commerce of Treviso - Belluno |Dolomiti : The occasion was extraordinary. It is always a thrill to meet the Holy Father who shows great strength in his fragility

Events - published on 23 January 2024

Source: Press Office Presidency of the Chamber of Commerce of Treviso - Belluno | Dolomites

Rome, Jan. 19, 2024 – The Holy Father Pope Francis received in audience the faithful of the Diocese of Belluno together with Bishop Msgr. Marangoni and the community of Longarone, which was affected 60 years ago by the sad event of the Vajont.

Together with Roberto Padrin, President of the Province of Belluno and Mayor of Longarone, a representation of the Belluno business community was also present with Vice President Nadia Zampol and Secretary General Romano Tiozzo of the Treviso-Belluno Chamber of Commerce.

On this great occasion of personal meeting with the Holy Father, the Vice President had a brief talk and presented to the Holy Father the products of the Land of Belluno: Piave cheese, beans from Lamon, mushrooms from Comelico, apples and juices from Mel, infusions and herbs from Valbelluna, honey from Limana and jams and chocolate from the Dolomites, cookies, bread, barley, flour, all products of the Land that was devastated by the Vajont disaster and more recent calamities that have touched our mountains, symbolizing in this way the desire for the rebirth of a living economic community, more attentive and more respectful to the call made on this occasion by the Holy Father.

This year, He recalled, marks the 800th anniversary of St. Francis’ “Canticle of the Creatures,” which he calls “brother and sister each element of nature: the sun, the stars, the wind and fire. And water, which the saint calls – utile et humile et pretiosa et casta-.

President Padrin gave the Holy Father a wooden crosier with a fish on top, the symbol of Christ. I perceived – communicates the President of the Province of Belluno and Mayor of Longarone Roberto Padrina great emotion in my fellow citizens and in all the people who were able to listen to the Pope and shake his hand. It was an occasion to remember the victims of the disaster and to pray for them. An occasion to reflect and to condemn the economic logic that wants to overpower nature and man.

The occasion – recalled Vice President of the Treviso – Belluno |Dolomiti Chamber of Commerce Nadia Zampol – was extraordinary. It is always a thrill to meet the Holy Father, who shows great strength in his fragility, and a beautiful testimony of a call to hope so that man-made disasters will never happen again. Today, all our actions, all our endeavors, all our efforts to build a better human condition must start from respect for people and love for everything around us.

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