The Centro di Medicina of Conegliano for three days becomes also a film set

The filming inside and outside the structure, which will end on Tuesday, May 11, is taking place without interfering with the normal life of the clinic

Events - published on 11 May 2021

Source: Centro di Medicina Conegliano press office

The outpatient clinic chosen by director Sabine Derflinger to set a Veneto-based family saga. The TV movie is produced by Bavaria Fiction, ZDF and Mestiere Cinema/strong>.
On stage more than 80 actors and staff, all monitored thanks to daily swabs.
This time the eye of the camera was not struck by the sinuous Prosecco hills but by the more articulated geometries of modern healthcare architecture. The filming of the German television movie
“Eau de vie” is currently underway in Conegliano. A story that revolves around a family business in the world of grappa, set, not to say, in the joyful and loving Veneto. Having to shoot
scenes in a health care setting, director Sabine Derflinger, among the many clinics in the Veneto, chose Conegliano Medical Center (viale Venezia).
I think that nothing happens by chance. It was here in Conegliano that the new architectural mood was born, which dictated the style of the new facilities under construction, focusing not only
on environmental sustainability criteria but also on the well-being of patients and those who work there. In short, design as care – explains Vincenzo Papes, CEO of the Group -. We
are honored to have been chosen as the only one among many realities in the Veneto region, convinced that even cinema can contribute to enhancing the reputation of Italian healthcare as
excellence for future development also in terms of reception and receptivity of medical tourism.
Centro di Medicina Conegliano, a new venue, is not new to international appreciation. A few years ago it received a Special Mention at the international Architizer A+ Awards in New York, in the
“Health Care & Wellness” category. A green building designed by architects Mario Mazzer and Marco da Ros that combines the reasons of aesthetics with functionality and
eco-sustainability. With its brown, sculptural and monolithic appearance, it was unusual compared to the stereotypes of hospital structures.
Filming inside and outside the structure, which will be completed on Tuesday, May 11, is taking place without interfering with the normal life of the clinic. Among the main actors, extras and
staff, there are more than eighty people involved on the set, all of whom are constantly monitored thanks to daily swabs.

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