The Chamber of Commerce and the students of the Istituto Superiore A. Scarpa dialogue in German for the attractiveness of the territory

The students: this project made us grow: we knew we had a great responsibility and this pushed us to give the best of ourselves.

Economy - published on 25 February 2022
Source: press office Presidency of the Chamber of Commerce of Treviso Belluno|Dolomiti
Motta di Livenza, 24 February 2022. – It was a pilot project born out of the desire to create a connection between the knowledge of students and the opportunities of an economic area that
wants to speak all the languages to attract foreign investment
, to welcome those who come to do good business.
What is it all about? The students of the Istituto Superiore A. Scarpa, accompanied by their teachers and the coordinator, Professor Laura Damo, translated into German many texts of the
Chamber’s territorial marketing portal
The work was planned with absolute attention to the level of skills by selecting phrases to be translated of easy, medium and high difficulty. The novelty was the economic terminology addressed and
known in class.
The project was carried out during the pandemic with classes in DAD. During the project, the students virtually met and talked with the Chamber Tutor in absolute harmony between the school
and the institutional business world.
This was an innovative educational experience that seemed impossible at first due to the complex structure and the need to organise the project in line with the skills.
I am very proud that such a complex project, in such a difficult period as the pandemic, has nevertheless been structured and implemented, – says Mario Pozza, President of the
Chamber of Commerce of Treviso Belluno|Dolomiti. – I congratulate the Headmaster, the teachers and the students. We are creating a dialogue, believe me, that is truly special, which leads to
sharing together the great transformations that are taking place in order to interpret them and have new visions for a renewed economy. Translating economic terminology means getting to know new
contents and new thoughts from such a young age, but accompanied by professors. I believe this is unique. Linguistic mediation – moreover, within the lines of the European key competences –
favours dialogues capable of reducing misunderstandings and preconceptions. Today the students are through it with their skills, dedication and commitment. We have had excellent proof of applied
study, the web and the network will then be the conduit for this valuable work.
The initiative is fully in line with the Service Learning didactic methodology, promoted by Avanguardie educative – comments the Headmaster of the Istituto Superiore A. Scarpa
Prof. Michele Giannini. – Service Learning in fact represents a modern and innovative interpretation of the relationship between the “inside” and the “outside” of school,
and this approach makes it possible to create learning paths in real-life contexts, aimed at the development of disciplinary, transversal and professional skills and aimed at the active
participation of students. This pedagogical activity also enabled the realisation of the project, designed to effectively meet a real need in the area, working in synergy with the Chamber of
Commerce of Treviso – Belluno|Dolomiti.
Guided by the experience and by the disciplinary and pedagogical competence of the German teachers, Prof. Marcomini and Prof. Caramia, the
real protagonists of the activity were the students who had the opportunity to try their hand at a real expert test, applying the learning contents in an intentional and conscious way. It is
therefore clear that this service learning activity gives the opportunity to develop real skills and also contextualises the disciplinary contents outside the classroom, allows the school to play a
real role as a social partner, transforming it into a place “open to the territory”, aimed at developing and promoting cultural elaboration, civic and social participation and active citizenship.

It was a stimulating and enriching experience both for my students and for me as a teacher, – emphasises Professor Stefania Marcomini. – Above all, I was very pleased to see the
commitment and enthusiasm with which the students tackled this new task, which represents a first, albeit limited, contact with the economic reality of our territory. I would like to thank the
Chamber of Commerce and our Headmaster, Prof. Michele Giannini, for giving us this wonderful opportunity.
The activity of translating the territorial marketing website of the Chamber of Commerce of Treviso – Belluno|Dolomiti, proved to be an interesting experience and at the same time gave
the students food for thought: at the beginning they were hesitant about their potential to undertake and carry out this project, – says Prof. Anita Caramia, – but at the same time
they immediately got busy, trying to do their best work. The students learned that translation is not always such a straightforward task and that most of the time you have to try to find the
right term so that the reader can understand specific terms from our mother tongue. The pupils certainly enriched their vocabulary and were able to put their language skills into practice. This
activity has been fruitful for them.
Students of Class 5a A Liceo Linguistico: The experience of the project with the Chamber of Commerce was memorable and instructive. The translation activity was very educational as we
students learned new vocabulary, idiomatic phrases and syntactic structures of the German language that we would never have learned if we had not taken part in this project. Through group work we
shared opinions, collaborated, advised each other and had fun!
Thanks to the support of Prof. Marcomini, we solved some doubts, corrected some mistakes and made some sentences more fluent. This project made us grow: we knew we had a big
responsibility and this pushed us to give our best. We would therefore like to thank the Chamber of Commerce for giving us the opportunity to work with them and for believing in us.

The students of Class 5a B Liceo Linguistico: It was a new, very interesting experience that allowed us to express our skills and knowledge of the German language to the best of our
ability. When we were offered this type of activity, we were afraid of not having the right skills and above all of making mistakes, but with hindsight we managed to overcome the difficulties and
achieve the final result, which was a complete translation. We were very happy with our work and especially with how we managed to cooperate with each other to ensure that we all did our best.
This work was an opportunity for us to get actively involved again after a long period of distance learning and we are very happy to have had the chance to do it seriously and with commitment. We
certainly learnt to express our potential and to face new challenges and we are thrilled to have been able to take part in this activity.

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