The long wave of the Russian-Ukrainian conflict also affects tourism in Veneto and Treviso: participation in the Moscow trade fair cancelled

President Pozza: damage for our companies in a sector already affected by covid

Economy - published on 07 March 2022

Source: Unioncamere Veneto press office

We have been preparing for months to attend – from 15 to 17 March – the MITT, the largest and longest-running travel and tourism fair in Russia and one of the top five events in
the sector in the world.

A market made up of lovers of Italian style – declared Gianni Garatti, President of the Marca Treviso Foundation – of the love of beauty and good things (our art and our
wines in particular) but also of weddings already planned by couples who choose our villas, castles, cities and, of course, Venice to celebrate “the most beautiful day of their lives… But
also cycling and golf tourism….
The project had already scheduled dozens of appointments with buyers and intermediaries for incoming tourism to the Marca Trevigiana.
But ENIT has formally informed us this morning that there will be no Italian participation (and, therefore, of Veneto and our Treviso destination). This was due to the difficult political
and military situation as a result of the crisis in Ukraine, and taking into account that Italy closed its airspace to Russia on 27 February.
We were also working – confirmed Mario Pozza, President of Unioncamere Veneto and the Chamber of Commerce of Treviso and Belluno Dolomiti – on a project on Antonio Canova,
the great master of neo-classical sculpture, who in St. Petersburg, at the State Hermitage Museum, certainly has the most conspicuous and qualitative group of marble works by
Canova. But, of course, we align ourselves and without delay, in agreement with the Fondazione Marca Treviso, we have stopped (actually, already from the day the war broke out) the
organisational machine. The only regret – concludes Pozza – is for our companies, which saw in this market a space for the difficult recovery of the tourist season that is now just
around the corner. We will wait for better times, trusting, at this point, in new markets and in the peaceful conclusion of hostilities and the resumption of relations between the two

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