The President of Unioncamere del Veneto Mario Pozza meets the Secretary of State Massimo Bitonci

The best wishes for a successful work to the new President of National Unioncamere Carlo Sangalli

Economy - published on 05 July 2018

Roma, 4th July 2018. The President of Unioncamere del Veneto Mario Pozza, the Secretary-General of National Unioncamere Giuseppe Tripoli, of Unioncamere del Veneto
Roberto Crosta and of Treviso-Belluno Romano Tiozzo, they met the Secretary of State Massimo Bitonci, visiting
Sallustio in occasion of the meeting that just elected Carlo Sangalli, President of Milan, Monza e Lodi Chamber of Commerce, as national President of the Chamber system.
President Pozza, in remembering the role of the Chambers of Commerce at the side of enterprises and trade associations, he made three specific requests:
1. Securing to the Chambers of Commerce the resources coming from the annual fee cut by 50% by the Reform. Without resources, the Chambers of Commerce cannot play an effective role in sustaining
2. Finalizing the 40 Million Euro (5 Million Euro from Veneto) given by the Chambers of Commerce annually to the State budget in order to cover the government debt to enterprises, by means of
measures supporting credit and 4.0 innovation.
3. Completing the Chamber Reform and relaunching the Chamber of Commerce role in simplifying the relationship with the Public Administration.
The Undersecretary Massimo Bitonci confirmed the attention to the Chambers of Commerce for their close relationship with enterprises. He anticipated the will of the Government in
changing the enterprises’ taxation, in order to make them more competitive.
President Pozza and the Undersecretary agreed about a meeting with the Councils of the Venetian Chambers of Commerce in order to put into effect such requests.
On such issues – says the President of Unioncamere del Veneto Mario Pozza – I know that also the new National Unioncamere President Carlo Sangalli – to whom I wish a
successful work – fully agrees.

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