The Santa Clause race in Treviso | 8 December

Christmas Run comes to the city centre for the first time

Events - published on 07 December 2021
Source: Treviso Christmas Run press office
For the first time the Christmas Run arrives in the historic centre. Start at 9.30 a.m. from Piazza dei Signori and finish line on the walls, at the Bastione San Marco: 5 km,
at free pace, to breathe the magic of the festivities in the most evocative corners of the city. The proceeds of the event will go to support Advar Onlus and Fondazione Città della speranza.
Christmas Santas on the catwalk, Wednesday 8 December, in the heart of Treviso. The streets and squares of the historic centre will host, for the first time, the Christmas Run,
a running event, open to all, in which participants will wear the traditional Santa Clause costume.
The Treviso Christmas Run will start at 9.30 a.m. from Piazza dei Signori and will cover a 5 km route that is fully accessible (participation will be open to prams, pushchairs,
walking dogs and Nordic walking enthusiasts). The finish line will be on the walls of the Bastione San Marco, where participants will be welcomed with a snack and hot drinks.

The Christmas Run will take place in complete safety: participants will be required to have a green pass (the “basic” version is sufficient) and must wear a mask for the duration of the
It will not be a race, but a free walk open to people of all ages, with special attention to children. Speaking of children, the Treviso Christmas Run will also involve the city’s primary
, and the three largest groups taking part in the walk will be rewarded with educational material and stationery.
The Treviso Christmas Run will be an opportunity to experience the opening of the Christmas season in the open air, enjoying the wonders and charms of a city ready for Christmas. At the
start, during the route and at the finish, the Treviso Christmas Run will also offer surprise events to get even more into the mood for the most wonderful festivity of the year.
Participants will include members of the band Los Massadores, former basketball player Riccardo Pittis and master glassmaker Marco Varisco.
The “voices” of the day will be Claudia Vigato, Mattia Casarin and Massimo Nicoletti (aka Max Dj Nikolaj), who will bring to Treviso their experience as entertainers in national events, from
the Giro d’Italia to the Color Run.
It will be a morning full of fun and with a solidarity objective: the proceeds of the Treviso Christmas Run, net of organisation costs, will go to support Advar Onlus and Fondazione Città della
The Treviso Christmas Run is organised by the association Ventieventi, in collaboration with Asd Corritreviso, Asd Ride Your Dreams and the volunteers of Città della Speranza.
The event is supported by: Maxì Supermarkets, Treviso Macchine, Mattarollo Volkswagen Treviso, Forno D’Asolo, Acqua Fonte Margherita, Mirò Street Food. Media partners: Radio Company and Radio
Treviso is ready to turn red, the colour of the most beautiful festival of the year. Guaranteed entertainment.
The route of the Treviso Christmas Run (5 km): Piazza dei Signori (start), Via Indipendenza, Via Martiri della Libertà, Via Palestro, Via Pescheria, Via San Leonardo, Piazza S. M. Battuti,
Quartiere Latino, Piazza dell’Università, Ponte delle Università, Riviera Santa Margherita, Ponte S. Martino, Corso del Popolo, Ponte S. Martino, Ponte S. Martino. Martino, Corso del Popolo,
Piazza Borsa, Via XX Settembre, Calmaggiore, Via Canova, Via Roggia, Vicolo Dotti, Via Dotti, Piazza Trentin (refreshment stand), Via Sugana, Buranelli, Via Campana, Ponte San Francesco, Via and
Piazza San Parisio, Via Manzoni, Via Sant’Agostino, Via Santa Caterina, Via Sant’Agostino, Via Casa di Ricovero, Via Manzoni, Treviso Walls from Porta Manzoni to Bastione San Marco (finish line).

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