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President Pozza's words: we are waiting for you, to stay and get to know these enchanted places of beautiful landscapes, art and architecture that is combined with the beauty of ideas and of doing sustainable and green business in a unicum between hospitality and cheerfulness

Economy - published on 21 February 2024

Source: Press Office Presidency of the Chamber of Commerce of Treviso - Belluno | Dolomites

Dear tourists and investors, the unique and unforgettable places of Treviso and the Dolomites will be the hub with Antonio Canova Airport and the venue for the Milan Cortina 2026 Olympic and Paralympic Games. Our territories are eagerly working to be prepared, although I do not hide the fact that there are also many delays, especially in infrastructure. But by now, as it was for the expo in Milan, it is almost a mode that they call “all-Italian” and in the end we are ready and we amaze.

The places will be destinations for real experiences, because living work as a part of ourselves is a distinctive character of Veneto people. We are distinguished by passion, creativity and boldness. Business risk is often reduced thanks to the network of human relationships that characterizes our history.

An entrepreneurial history that has seen the splendor of the Venetian Villas to which Venice had destined agricultural crops, now splendid mansions that owners often make available for tours and for the most important events in our lives such as weddings, anniversary parties, and unique celebrations.

Thus the Prosecco hills of Conegliano and Valdobbiadene where family life intersects, with the pruning of the vines and the grape harvest, is staying together and it often becomes the occasion of generous acts such as the solidarity harvest, to then produce a wine, Prosecco which is among the best known and loved in the world.

In the same hills, so tended by the toil of man’s labor, since machines cannot get there, there’s the enchantment of unique views and routes, with a thriving tourism of taste, of visits to the winery, of routes on foot, on horseback or by bicycle that satisfy every tourist and allow them to immerse in sensations that one can find only here.

The hospitality here amazes. Places are traditional like the l’Osteria senza l’oste (Osteria without innkeeper) and unique for views, but also for wellness immersed in the culture of arts, poets and writers. Palladio‘s villas , the Gypsotheca Museo Antonio Canova with the original plaster casts, the house of the excellent sculptor and the temple that towers over the town and amazes when you stoop to enter it and find the magnificence of the architecture.

We begin the route to the Dolomites by passing through the Sportsystem in Montebelluna where the sports shoe district is the greates excellence and dresses the feet of sports greats as well as all the people who, love the outdoors more and more. Here the itinerant tourism through the outlets, alternates with visits to the companies and the pleasantness of the hills and the visit to the wonderful Asolo, already famous to Americans and British, chosen by Princess Cornaro, Freya Stark and Duse.

We arrive in the Dolomites, at Lake Misurina where you can already see the three peaks of the Dolomites. Fans of refuges are spoiled for choice arriving at Lake Sorapis where the water naturally has the colors of the Caribbean Sea.

You arrive at the pearl of the Dolomites Cortina, home of the Olympic and Paralympic Games with slopes that stand out as you look up and when you see them, you are enchanted by the backdrop of the Dolomites embracing them with the colors of the pink-hued rock.

We are preparing to welcome you, preparing the people and the places that will welcome you. We are training spirits with the project now in its third year “GenerAZIONE 2026”. We are targeting young people in schools by listening to them and dialoguing about the Olympic spirit as a way of life. Together we look at the history of the Olympic and Paralympic Games to understand their present. The values of Olympism enlighten the spirits of schoolchildren and create new visions, new outlooks.

The final event sees the awards ceremony in the beautiful Mario del Monaco Theater, named after the great Treviso tenor, in the presence of Olympic and sports champions who each year have captured the attention of everyone young and old for the words they have shared by living sports and winning with Olympic spirit.

Let’s not forget, dear investors, that businesses and so international delegations visit, know and come into contact with our business system.

I conclude by saying that we are waiting for you, to stay and get to know these enchanted places of beauty of landscapes, art and architecture that is combined with the beauty of ideas and sustainable and green business making in a unicum between hospitality and cheerfulness.

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