The three webinars of Partecipare il Presente. Work in Treviso during and after Covid: the numbers, the trends, the supporting policies. Speakers Maurizio Rasera (April 15), Bruno Anastasia (April 20) and Daniele Marini (April 28)

The series of meetings started on Tuesday, 23rd March with Giorgio Santini's speech on Sustainability as a must for development, economy and new generations

Events - published on 14 April 2021

Source: Partecipare il Presente press office

School of social and political training
Treviso – 12.04.2021 – We are in the third wave, the pandemic and its serious repercussions affect the lives of all, in the family, in work and business, in feelings. And what will the
aftermath be like? Partecipare il Presente, the school of social and political formation promoted by 19 associative subjects from Treviso, active since 2005, asks itself about this.
It looks in particular at work and its evolution with three appointments in April in webinar together with authoritative scholars also attentive to the local context:
Thursday, April 15 at 8:45 p.m.Maurizio Rasera, of Veneto Lavoro, will talk about Orienting oneself in the world of work. Numbers and trends in pre and post covid, looking
at sectors, type, gender and age of workers.
Tuesday, April 20 at 8:45 p.m.Bruno Anastasia, of Veneto Lavoro, on Creating Good Work Especially for Young People and Women. In every crisis, and the one we are
experiencing is no exception, young people and women suffer the most serious effects. The instruments of labor policy, their effects and the indications of Next Generation EU.
Wednesday, April 28 at 8:45 pm – Labor, the role of individuals and communities, with Professor Daniele Marini, Professor of Sociology of Economic Processes at the University
of Padua. Not only reforms or economics but also cultural change is changing work. The new needs of individuals play an important role in this, making the old paradigms inadequate even in the
The series of meetings started on Tuesday, 23rd March with the intervention of Giorgio Santini, former trade unionist and parliamentarian and now President of Asvess Veneto, on
Sustainability as a must for development, economy and new generations.
Together with the appointments dedicated to the work, we outline a path of reflection and training on the scenarios that may open in this difficult evolution of the panndemia.
We have entitled it Cantiere sostenibilità n.1 – explains the President of Partecipare il Presente, Luca Bertuola – because we consider this new paradigm, sustainability, as the
key to looking to the future, knowing that there can be no return to the past, to its logic of production and consumption, to its working times and rhythms, to the incompatibility with the
collective needs of care. We have also seen how young people and women have been the most penalized by the social effects of the pandemic. With this path we look at how to resume doing business
and work but also community after the test that we are experiencing, with a look at the inclusion policies and investments announced with the Next Generation EU.
At you can find the posters and the access addresses to the Zoom
The School of Social and Political Education “Partecipare il Presente”, established in 2005, today sees the collaboration between: ACLI Treviso, Artigianato Trevigiano – Casartigiani,
Assindustria Venetocentro, Associazione Comuni della Marca Trevigiana, CIA Treviso, CGIL Treviso, CISL Belluno Treviso, CNA Treviso, Confagricoltura Treviso, Confartigianato Imprese Marca
Trevigiana, Confcooperative Belluno e Treviso, Confesercenti Treviso, EBicom Ente Bilaterale territoriale della provincia di Treviso, Federmanager Treviso Belluno, Forum delle Associazioni
Familiari della provincia di Treviso, Pastorale Sociale e del lavoro Diocesi di Treviso, UCID Unione Cristiana Imprenditori Dirigenti, Unascom Confcommercio Treviso e Volontarinsieme CSV Treviso.
In order to make this path more structured and effective, in 2011 the partners decided to create the Association “Partecipare il Presente” with the commitment to promote cultural growth in the
area, through insights into the values of reference and the ethics of work and the economy, and to contribute to the competitive development of local systems by promoting synergies and networks
between economic, social and institutional actors.

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