The university programme in law “Giurisprudenza 2.0” in Treviso, discussing Artificial Intelligence and the AI Act at European level

The impact on the justice system of the new European regulation on artificial intelligence In Treviso "Giurisprudenza2.0" tackles the new challenges of techno-law, legal informatics and protection of rights on the Internet

Courses and conferences - published on 23 April 2024

Source: press office AIGA Treviso (Italian Young Lawyers Association)

“AI Act at the test – Issues and problems of the new EU regulation on Artificial Intelligence”. This is the title of the next meeting on techno-law, legal informatics and protection of rights on the Internet organised by the University of Padua – Department of Private Law and Critique of Law – and AIGA Treviso (Italian Association of Young Lawyers) which will be held on Friday 19th April 2024 at 3 p.m. in the Aula Magna of Palazzo San Leonardo in Treviso (Riviera Garibaldi, 13/E). Guest of excellence will be lawyer Luca Visaggio as Director of the Legislative Affairs Office of the European Parliament.

During the conference, the AI Act have be discussed for the first time after its approval and final revision, i.e. the revolutionary European regulation on Artificial Intelligence finally approved by the European Parliament a few days ago and destined to come into force over the next few years. An act that places Europe at the forefront of the global debate on the benefits, limits and risks of Artificial Intelligence, a first law in the world destined to have even greater scope than GDPR, the European privacy regulation. Precisely for this reason, the event will feature numerous interventions by expert speakers who will highlight the positive aspects and new legal issues that will arise from the application of this pioneering legislative innovation that will have a significant impact on the justice system. In particular, topics such as the ethical, legal and security issues of the AI Act, as well as the necessity or otherwise of human supervision, transparency in decision-making processes, continuous performance evaluation and careful management of the data used for AI training will be addressed.

The initiative, which takes place in implementation of the Protocol stipulated between the School of Law of the University of Padua and AIGA Treviso, is realised in collaboration with the Master in Metaverso and Legal Informatics and the Master in International Business Lawyer of the University of Padua within the scope of the project for the improvement of didactics 2023 of the Department of Private Law and Law Criticism “Transversal competences of the jurist and interactive didactics of contemporary law” – “Beyond Law 2.0”.

Participation is free of charge and open to all interested parties.

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