The World of Phaedrus at Sant’Anna | Sunday 13 February

The Teatro Europeo Plautino presents: Phaedrus' world, a show that brings to the stage one of the famous fables by the author of the Roman classicism

Events - published on 11 February 2022
Source: Gruppo Alcuni press office
Treviso – On Sunday 13th February at 4.30 p.m. the Teatro Sant’Anna will host the actors of the Teatro Europeo Plautino, who will stage “Il mondo di Fedro“,
directed by Riccardo Bartoletti.
The company is well known and active in bringing classical theatre to the stage – and to schools.
The show presented in Treviso is like a fairy tale within a fairy tale, and is inspired by Phaedrus’ work “The two young suitors, one rich and one poor“.
On stage there are two actors with masks and puppets and digital animation.
It tells the story of Rufus, an energetic and very shy young man, servant of the local magister Caio Severo, who is in love with Lucilla, his master’s daughter, who is betrothed to General
Lucian Sextus Pompilius Quartulius Vitinus.
The beneficiary of an unexpected economic fortune, Rufus can finally face the father of his beloved, and on the path that will lead him to discover the best of himself he will ask for help from his
best friend Phaedrus, whose “ars scrivendi” will inspire our hero.
As in the original tale, it is destiny that will lead the two lovers to a happy ending.
The staging pays homage to the best theatrical traditions of our culture.
The masks and puppets will give “body” to Phaedrus’ visions, as will the shadows.
The original music will provide an almost magical sound carpet and the digital animations will colour the environments in which the two young protagonists move.
TICKET COST: € 6 per person.
CARDS: 5 admissions € 27.50 | 10 admissions € 50.
The card can be used for all theatre performances at the Sant’Anna Theatre and Parco degli Alberi Parlanti in the 2021/2022 season.
All spectators over the age of 12 must have a reinforced Green Pass and wear an FFP2 mask for the entire time they are in the theatre. It will not be possible to consume food and
drink inside the theatre.
On Sunday 20 February, the festival continues with the show “BIANCANEVE“, staged by the Teatro delle Quisquilie.

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