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Events - published on 15 October 2021
Source: press office CartaCarbone Literary Festival #ccf2021
8th edition from 14 to 17 October 2021 “Landscapes”, third day
Joy and participation for Zanzotto
His absence is an absence – says Bruna Graziani – that we must all try to fill by approaching his thought and letting ourselves be carried away by the sounds and shapes of his words.
Often referred to as the ‘singer of the landscape’, we have devoted the entire programme to this theme, connecting reflections on the disciplines that study mental processes, within which
Artificial Intelligence has taken an extraordinary impetus” and in which, I am sure, Zanzotto would have been very interested.
Apriti Mare! with Laura Pariani is eagerly awaited, as well as the installation in the Loggia that dialogues with art and architecture with contemporary themes from augmented reality to the
“metaverse” with Ennio Bianco and artist Vincenzo Marsiglia.
Marta Cuscunà is highly anticipated with her award-winning satire on the luxury of being a woman. Top event for the issues addressed by the CartaCarbone workshop “Come cambiano le storie”
with Stefano Calabrese.
All events will be by reservation: and in compliance with current government
regulations (Decree Law No. 105 of 23 July 2021) regarding security.
Treviso, Friday 15 October 2021 | Emotion in the audience for the expected opening of the eighth edition. Stefano Dal Bianco and Alberto Sinigaglia open the event “Per
Andrea Zanzotto
” an intimate speech about their personal experience of knowing the poet from Pieve di Soligo with anecdotes full of respect and warmth. Projected the first talk show of Rai 3,
Vent’anni al Duemila was “a new and dangerous broadcast” as Sinigaglia defined it, which interviewed in 1981 the protagonists of universal literature including Zanzotto, defining him – a
powerful and fundamental poet, habitual and heroic always with the thermometer in his hand more than the pen.
Giacomo Moro Mauretto‘s event with “Entropy for life” was also sold out in the Loggia. The youtuber involved the public in biology and science: how many species are there on
earth? More than 10 million, and did you know that insects are the group with the most species on earth? For Maida Vale, enthusiasm and music for this editorial case by Ronzani Editore.
The Stefanini Auditorium was packed for the screening of Logos Zanzotto by director Denis Brotto, introduced by Stefano Dal Bianco, who contributed with his emotional participation to
the docufilm that translates poetry through images: “poetry is an elusive material, it is a challenge to film something invisible or almost invisible”.
On Saturday 16 October a very rich calendar awaits us. It is the day of Beltà, the second Poetry Marathon dedicated to Andrea Zanzotto, at 6 pm at Ca’ dei Carraresi and of the round table
dedicated to him, Zanzotto Disperso e Traduttore, at 3.30 pm also at Ca’ dei Carraresi in the Conference Room, curated by Stefano Dal Bianco (University of Siena), and with
Giuseppe Sandrini, Francesco Carbognin, Giorgia Bongiorno and Laura Toppan.
A performance, a poetic-musical journey through Andrea Zanzotto‘s work: Nel Serto di pause e parole by Giovanna Frene and Federica Lotti, at 11.30 am in the Conference Room at
Ca’ dei Carraresi.
At 10.30 am, in the spaces of NaturaSì, a meeting entitled Il Verde orizzonte si infiamma, with Patrizia Magli and Federica Augusta Rossi: a blues soundtrack for this story that
weaves the lives of a generation between a before and an after 1989, the year of the fall of the Berlin Wall.
At 11 am at Palazzo Rinaldi with Elisa Ruotolo and Fulvio Luna Romero, Quel luogo a me proibito: quanto coraggio occorre per assumarsi la responsabilità del proprio piacere?
The 2021 edition of CartaCarbone embraces great and recent losses on the literary scene. At 4 p.m., in the Auditorium Santa Croce, we will present Letteratura assoluta. Le opere e il pensiero di
Roberto Calasso by Elena Sbrojavacca interviewed by Nicola De Cilia. The young scholar from Treviso offers us for the first time a map of Calasso‘s work, ranging from
the India of the Veda to the Paris of the Impressionists.
Three events in collaboration with the Benetton Foundation: at Palazzo Bomben at 11.30 a.m. Il territorio del coraggio (The territory of courage) by Silvia Gavino presented by
Elena Filini: stories not to be forgotten, stories that should serve as an example to all women who find themselves in critical, conflicting and sometimes dramatic situations but who find
the strength and courage to come out of them with great dignity. At 4 p.m. Historical gardens, truth and fiction with Luigi Latini, Patrizia Boschiero, Franco Panzini and
Simonetta Zanon. At 6.00 pm, Enzo Rammairone will talk about Atlante occidentale by Daniele Del Giudice, in the enriched version of Taccuino di Ginevra edited by Rammairone
himself. In dialogue with him, Sara D’Ascenzo: a celebration to remember Daniele Del Giudice, another serious loss in the cultural world.
Expectations are high for the event at 4 p.m. at the Loggia dei Cavalieri, Dolomites: otherworldly beauty, with the Scientific Committee of the Unesco Dolomites Foundation, which this year is
sponsoring the festival, in the presence of the Foundation’s director Mara Nemela, anthropologist Annibale Salsa and researcher and museologist Marco Tonon, also vice
president of the Mazzotti Foundation.
This is a leading event due to the extreme topicality of the theme. On 16 October at the Auditorium Santa Croce, Stefano Calabrese, with an event entitled Come cambiano le storie (How stories
change), will talk about how telling and recounting oneself is a primary instinct that has survived evolution. But what does it mean to tell stories? What moves a story in our body and mind and
how does it influence our experience? And above all, how have narratives changed with the advent of technology?
This year the city lounge of Loggia dei Cavalieri will host an installation that interprets the strong connection between poetics and technology. The dialogue between the artist Vincenzo
, the only one to have brought Hololens technology into art, and Ennio Bianco will explore the relationship between architecture and art, starting with the installation in the
Loggia dei Cavalieri, and will also explore the latest research on augmented reality. A dialogue on Saturday 16 October at 7.30 pm that will take us into the “Metaverse”, a shared virtual world
where we can live, work, create and play. Immerse yourself in space. Landscape in video art, a real 3D social media in real time in which physical and virtual space will be perceived as a single
reality. New eyes to look at the artistic heritage of the world’s cities.
The third day will end with an eagerly awaited event that sold out in just a few hours: with Marta Cuscunà, La semplicità ingannata, at 9 pm at the Auditorium Stefanini, an
award-winning satire show for actresses and puppets on the luxury of being women.
We recommend constantly monitoring for any new availability. For those who want to
decide at the last minute, we invite you to show up at the event of your choice, and if there is availability, once you have registered and received your green pass you can participate!
The full programme for the 2021 edition can be found online at and in the pocket brochures
distributed around the city.

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