Tiramisù World Cup won by Stefano from Venice and Elena from Belgium

Here are the two World Champions: Stefano Serafini with the original recipe and Elena Bonali with her creative Tiramisu with prosciutto&melon

Events - published on 10 October 2021

Source: press office Tiramisu World Cup
They have beaten off competition from two hundred “chefs” from all over the world, all fierce in their attempt to win the title with their very personal versions of the world’s most famous
spoon dessert.
They are Stefano Serafini (62, originally from Venice) living in Bassano del Grappa (Vicenza), a jeweller by profession, who competed in the “original recipe” for the
dessert (eggs, sugar, mascarpone cheese, ladyfingers, coffee and cocoa) and Elena Bonali (52, originally from Milan, a swimming teacher) living in Brasschaat (Antwerp, Belgium) in the
“creative recipe” (with the possibility of adding up to three ingredients and replacing the biscuit) with a recipe with ham and melon.
In the orangery set up in Piazza dei Signori in Treviso during the three days of the Tiramisù World Cup, the enthusiasm surrounding the competition was sky-high: We are happy to be back
“live” in the squares, it was important for us to find our public of fans and see the competitors (strictly non-professionals, ed.) challenge each other with mascarpone and ladyfingers, –
commented Francesco Redi, organiser of the event. – The quality of the Tiramisu made in the competition was really high: congratulations to all and a big thank you to those who
have been following us in this adventure for five years now.
The winners: – It is a result of love and I dedicate it to my wife Elena, my “invisible coach” who has supported me since the beginning of this adventure, – said Serafini. – I love
experimenting and this time I was rewarded, – said Bonali, – It is a recipe that comes from the Italian summer, with toasted ham and melon and Pavesini.
For the original recipe, the other finalists were: Elisa Orfei from Treviso, Nicola Ottaviani from Verona (who also won the Hausbrandt Award for the best use of coffee as an
For the creative recipe, the Grand Finalists were: Erika from Udine (yuzu chocolate, hazelnut paste), Barbara Marcon from Asolo (pistachio cream, raspberries and gold dust)

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