Towards 1000 registered participants for the Cansiglio Bike Day. 20th May – 17th June 2023

Cansiglio Bike Day is an event not to be missed, open to all types of bicycles and all enthusiasts. All in the context of slow and sustainable tourism, combining nature, culture, wellness and food and wine.

Events - published on 04 May 2023

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The countdown begins for the event that on 20 May, five days before the stage of the 106th Giro d’Italia, will bring cycling enthusiasts to the heart of the plateau on the border between the provinces of Treviso, Belluno and Pordenone: four climbs dedicated to the great champions. Sacha Modolo’s visit with the “voices” of Eurosport Riccardo Magrini and Luca Gregorio.

In Cansiglio in June even a stage finish of the Giro Next Gen

(03.05.2023) On the bike, feeling all a bit like champions. The countdown begins for Cansiglio Bike Day, the brand new event dedicated to two-wheel enthusiasts that on Saturday 20 May will anticipate by five days the passage of the Oderzo-Val di Zoldo stage of the 106th Giro d’Italia.

For the first time, the splendid plateau at an altitude of 1,000 metres, the setting of one of the most evocative forests in the world, will be the protagonist of a day entirely dedicated to cycling. The four Cansiglio climbs will be closed to motorized traffic and dedicated exclusively to cyclists, who will thus have the opportunity to get a foretaste of the atmosphere of the Giro d’Italia and, at the same time, immerse themselves in the placid and uncontaminated nature of the ancient “Gran Bosco da reme” of the Serenissima.

After the official announcement, which took place on 13 April in Treviso with the intervention of the president of the Veneto region, Luca Zaia, the registration race has begun and the event is already about to cross the finish line of the first one thousand registered participants. In addition to being a transit location for the next, eagerly awaited Giro d’Italia, Cansiglio is a habitual training destination for professional cyclists and amateurs alike.

Even the news that the Giro Next Gen, in practice the Giro d’Italia Under 23, will also arrive in Cansiglio. The appointment is for 17 June, with the Possagno-Pian del Cansiglio. A 175-kilometre long stage starting from the Temple of Canova in Possagno, crossing the Prosecco hills, passing through Nevegal, and climbing the plateau from the Belluno side.

Yesterday even former Treviso professional Sacha Modolo and the two popular ‘voices’ of Eurosport cycling, Riccardo Magrini and Luca Gregorio, competed in Cansiglio. Even for them the plateau has reserved unprecedented views and the pleasure of a ride in a fascinating natural environment, ready to turn pink for the passage of the Giro d’Italia.

The Cansiglio Bike Day will involve two regions, Veneto and Friuli Venezia Giulia, and three provinces, Treviso, Belluno and Pordenone. Four climbing slopes have been chosen for this first edition:

VITTORIO VENETO-FREGONA (TV): an all asphalted climb that, passing through Osigo, climbs to Crosetta with a length of 20 km and an elevation gain of 987 metres. A very regular climb with a maximum gradient of 11%.

FARRA D’ALPAGO – MALGA MEZZOMIGLIO – CAMPON(BL): tarmac ascent to Malga Mezzomiglio, then the use of Gravel bikes or MTBs is recommended, length 18 km and an altitude difference of 973 metres. A climb with very demanding sections with gradients of up to 16%.
CANEVA/SARONE (PN): an entirely asphalted climb with a length of 17.5 km and a difference in altitude of 900 metres, maximum gradient detected in some sections of 11%.
PIANCAVALLO (PN): climb mostly on dirt roads (Gravel or MTB bikes are recommended), length 33 km for a difference in altitude of 690 metres, maximum gradient of 10%. Very scenic slope that winds all the way up.

Each slope of the climb, with arrival for all in front of the Veneto Agricoltura headquarters, was symbolically dedicated to a great cycling champion who competed in previous editions of the Giro d’Italia that took place in this area: the climb from Piancavallo to Marco Pantani, protagonist of the legendary victory in the 1998 Giro d’Italia, the Vittorio-Fregona to Eddy Merckx, remembering his 1968 performance in a Giro in which “The Cannibal” ruled, the Caneva-Sarone to Egan Bernal, dominator and Pink Jersey of the 2021 Giro, and the Alpago climb to Johan de Muynck for his victory in the 1978 Giro.

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