Training and research, agreement signed between footwear polytechnic and Sportsystem district

The partnership will foster the development of training, dissemination and co-working programmes. Sustainability, new materials and Industry 4.0 are the main areas of collaboration.

Promo - published on 08 October 2021
Source: Politecnico Calzaturiero press office, Montebelluna Sportsystem
Vigonza-Montebelluna, 8 October 2021 – Sharing knowledge to multiply skills. This is the approach that led the President of Politecnico Calzaturiero Franco Ballin and the
President of Fondazione e Distretto Sportsystem Andrea Parisotto to sign an agreement for the development and integration of advanced training, dissemination and co-working programmes.
The partnership will see the creation of a joint working group to compare the experiences and results of projects of common interest. It will cover research activities on sustainability,
new materials and Industry 4.0
, with the involvement of companies from the Riviera del Brenta and Sportsystem districts.
The parties will develop orientation activities to facilitate the meeting between the world of training and the world of work, and will also provide specialised courses for young people and
the unemployed.
They will promote opportunities for disseminating information on new digital manufacturing technologies. Politecnico Calzaturiero, in particular, will make its laboratories and FABLAB available and
will agree on a refresher programme for companies in the Sportsystem District.
Excellent synergies can arise from the collaboration between two important footwear districts such as Riviera del Brenta and Sportsystem. The signing of this agreement reminds us that sharing
experience and knowledge is a win-win strategy. It is in this direction that we have to go, in order to remain competitive in an increasingly global market, – says Vincenzo Marinese,
President of Confindustria Venezia.
– With this agreement, we aim to make even closer the collaboration with Sportsystem started three years ago, which led to the creation of courses for active and unemployed workers in the area
of Montebelluna. In particular, we will focus on expanding the training offer and developing research projects on the theme of sustainability, with the aim of innovating products and processes,
– comments the President of Politecnico Calzaturiero Franco Ballin.
– This agreement is the concrete and tangible demonstration that we want to work as a TEAM in a DETERMINED way, promoting the integration of know-how, R&D, technologies and complementary
best practices, with the aim of improving the excellence and competitiveness of our industrial districts and reaffirming once again that WE MAKE THE WORLD WALK AND PLAY, – says the President of
the Sportsystem Foundation and District Andrea Parisotto.
Politecnico Calzaturiero, a nationally recognised excellence, runs the School of Footwear and Leather Goods Design and Technology. Since 1923 it has been training modellers and technicians who are
employed in the Veneto Region and throughout Italy. It represents, as a legal entity, the Footwear Industrial District of Riviera del Brenta. It is one of the founding members of the Face Design
Consortium and of ITS Cosmo, for which it creates the “Advanced Technical Expert in Fashion Shoes Coordinator” course. Politecnico Calzaturiero is accredited by the Veneto Region for the
implementation of orientation projects, continuous training, higher education and employment services.
The Sportsystem Foundation is a private, non-profit organisation, founded by local companies. For over thirty years it has united and represented the entrepreneurial excellence of the Sportsystem
Industrial District at an international level. It preserves and passes on the culture, knowledge and industrial history of the area, also through its museum. It promotes initiatives aimed at the
knowledge and dissemination of specific skills: biomechanics and well-being of the body in the practice of sporting activities, management of safety and comfort in sports footwear; management of
complex and internationalised production processes; management of high value-added technologies, coordination of pre-competitive industrial activities on transversal business issues. It promotes
the exchange of ideas between professionals and entrepreneurs, enabling the development of innovative, integrated and cutting-edge projects.
The Foundation organises specialised training and refresher courses for sports footwear and enhances the District’s tangible and intangible heritage in the Sportsystem Museum.

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