Treviso Carabinieri – 14/06/2021 – Renovation work begins on palazzo Zuccareda, the prestigious headquarters of Treviso’s provincial command headquarters

Colonel Gianfilippo Magro: When the restoration work is complete, we will be proud to return one of the most beautiful buildings to the city, especially at this historic moment of optimism and social rebirth.

Events - published on 23 June 2021
Source: Treviso Carabinieri Provincial Command press office
14 June 2021 – The Soprintendenza Archeologia, Belle Arti e Paesaggio for the metropolitan area of Venice and the provinces of Belluno, Padua and Treviso has begun work on the
restoration of Palazzo Zuccareda, located in Via Cornarotta 22-24, in the historic centre of Treviso, the headquarters of the Carabinieri Provincial Command.
The first phase of the project for the building, which is owned by the State, is to restore the perceptive unity of the finishes and decorative elements on the north façade of the building, in
particular the decorated and non-decorated historical plaster, the recent civil plaster, and the stone, wood and metal elements.
Subsequently, the south façade, facing the inner courtyard, will be the subject of work. It repeats the same architectural scheme as the main façade, but is distinguished by the existence of a
wooden corbelled cornice with a very protruding curved profile and by the presence of the two mirrored side bodies, with windows in continuity with those of the central body of the building with
stone window sills and top acroters also in stone.
The first stage of the work has been assigned to the company Lares of Venice, for an amount of approximately Euro 200 thousand and an estimated duration of four months. The
operation will allow the redevelopment of a prestigious building for the city and the territory, built in 1552 by the canon Gio Domenico di Pietro, known as Fra’ Gariano, sold in
the 18th century to the noble family of the Conti Zuccareda, then, for a few years, used as the municipal art gallery and finally, after World War II, as the headquarters of the
Carabinieri in the Treviso area.
To mark such an important moment, which also symbolically reaffirms the strong bond between the Carabinieri and other institutions in the city and its citizens, a public presentation of the
initiative was held at Palazzo Zuccareda.
The speakers included the Prefect of Treviso, Maria Rosaria Laganà, the Bishop, H.E. Monsignor Michele Tomasi, the Mayor of Treviso, Mario Conte, the President of the Chamber
of Commerce of Treviso – Belluno, Mario Pozza, the Director of the Superintendence Institute, Dr. Fabrizio Magani, accompanied by the designer of the project, Dr. Luca
Doing the honours, together with his closest collaborators, was the Provincial Commander of the Treviso Carabinieri, Colonel Gianfilippo Magro, who emphasised: Palazzo Zuccareda is one
of the oldest buildings in Treviso, part of the city’s history, and has been the headquarters of the Carabinieri Provincial Command since the Second World War. When the restoration work is
complete, we will be proud to return one of the most beautiful buildings to the city, especially in this historic moment of optimism and social rebirth.
We were keen to renovate the building, firstly because the Palazzo is our barracks, the place where Treviso’s Carabinieri carry out their daily duties, and secondly because the palazzo has
been a point of reference for generations of Trevisans who have crossed its threshold to demand security and justice. In this regard, the bond between Carabinieri and Trevigiani is truly special
and when the work is completed it will become even stronger as citizens will be able to visit the Palazzo during F.A.I. days and as part of the initiatives that may be developed with the

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