Treviso & the cinema – Tiramisù World Cup 2021, Treviso 8 – 10 October

From all over the world to win the title of champion

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Source: press office Tiramisù World Cup 2021
Thegreediest challenge of the year” starts in the orangery set up in Piazza dei Signori in Treviso. From 8th to 10th October, two hundred participants from all over
the world will compete to win the title of champion in the “original recipe” and in the “creative recipe” of the most famous spoon dessert in the world. Grand Final on Sunday 10
October at 3 p.m.
The competitors for the Tiramisù World Cup 2021 come from France, Spain, Belgium and other European countries, as well as Italy, of course, all with their own very personal version of the famous
dessert, created in the best possible way to win the title of Champion. The “greediest challenge of the year”, this year dedicated to “Treviso and the Cinema”, begins with the selections on Friday
8 and Saturday 9 October (every two hours the original recipe and the creative one will alternate, ed.), before arriving at the semi-finals and the Grand Final on Sunday 10 October (from 3.00 pm).
In addition to competitors from abroad, this year the jury will also include foreign members, who will have to make the “sweet sacrifice” (it has to be said…!) of tasting the creations of the
aspiring chefs (all strictly non-professional). After passing the online test, in which over three thousand people took part, the judges now have the task of assessing the Tiramisu according to
the traditional criteria: technical execution (table organisation, cleanliness, handling of ingredients, executive ability), aesthetic presentation (assessing the appearance,
layout of the dish, decorations and final aesthetic pleasantness), flavour intensity (assessing the strength and permanence in the mouth of the taste), balance of the dish (assessing
the balance between the ingredients used), flavour and harmony. In the semi-finals and the Grand Final, judging will be entrusted to experts in the sector.
In addition to the competitions, the three-day programme includes a series of events (registration is required at held in the orangery: starting in the late afternoon of Thursday 7 October with “Treviso meets the Trevisans…. in the world”,
followed by the Gelato Experience on Friday 8 October (from 9.00 p.m.), together with the Academici Italiani Gelatieri Artigiani; later, at 10.30 p.m., Zeta Group presents “Il tempo e i giorni”,
the short film nominated for victory in the Best Children Short category for the annual Independent Shorts Awards 2021 in Los Angeles. On Saturday 10 October there will be three appointments,
starting with the Wine Tasting Ca’ Vescovado during aperitif time, then the preview of the short film “Restera” by Jgor Barbazza and Davide Stefanato, and finally (at 9.15 pm) the stories of the
start-ups in the Creativity Hackathon.
In addition to these appointments, for the entire weekend there will be the opportunity to visit places that have been the scene of films in the city, in the past (such as “Signore e signori” by
Pietro Germi) and in recent history, such as “Tre Visi”, made in collaboration with Offi-Cine Veneto.
Voting then begins this weekend to award the “Cucchiaio di cristallo” prize to one of the three finalist establishments in Treviso: Antico Caffè di Piazza Pola, Caffetteria Broli and Pizzeria Zeus.
At this link you can view the programme of the weekend, which includesextra” appointments linked to this year’s theme of the Tiramisù World Cup >>

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