Treviso urbs picta Guided tours of the “Treviso the painted city”.

Saturday 23 and Sunday 24 March, 10 and 11.30 a.m. itinerary Virgin Mary with the Child and the Sacred Conversations Treviso, historic centre

Events - published on 22 March 2024

Source: press office Fondazione Benetton Studi Ricerche


On Saturday 23 and Sunday 24 March at 10 a.m. and 11.30 a.m., the Fondazione Benetton Studi Ricerche is organising guided tours to discover the “Treviso urbs picta” (“Treviso painted city“) and proposes a new urban itinerary, focusing on the theme of the Virgin Mary with The Child and the Sacred Conversations.

In the city of Treviso there are thirty-eight images dedicated to the Madonna with different declinations, from the Maternity to the Sacred Conversation. Especially from the 15th century onwards, specialised artists or craftsmen, known as “madonneri”, perfected their skills in this field, imitating the great Venetian masters such as Bellini and Carpaccio.
The itinerary leads to the discovery of some of these depictions in two areas of the city of Treviso, starting from two of its monumental gates: Porta San Tomaso and Porta Santi Quaranta.

This new itinerary joins the three previously proposed by the Benetton Foundation to discover the frescoed facades of Treviso painted city from the 13th to the 21st century: Treviso urbs picta (general), Treviso medieval, Treviso of the Renaissance.
The itineraries develop through the streets and squares of the historic centre, dwelling on the buildings and their wall decorations, from different eras and of various types, bringing attention to the whole but also often analysing curious details or those that risk not being seen. They traverse the city, following first of all the main streets, and then delve into less frequented streets, but which hold extraordinary pictorial testimonies.

The tours are curated by Chiara Ciolfi, art historian, and Marco Vianello, archaeologist, with the collaboration of Rossella Riscica and Chiara Voltarel, editors of the collective volume Treviso urbs picta. Frescoed facades of the city from the 13th to the 21st century (Fondazione Benetton Studi Ricerche-Antiga).

Duration of the visits: approximately 75 minutes.
The cost is 10 euro per person, free for children up to 5 years old, 8 euro from 6 to 10 years old.
Reservations required: Telephone +39 0422 5121 (Mon-Fri 9am-1pm, 2pm-5pm),

Over six hundred painted buildings have been surveyed and catalogued as part of the research that the Fondazione Benetton has dedicated to Treviso città dipinta (Treviso the painted city), aimed at identifying and studying the iconography and style of the facades of houses and other buildings frescoed and variously decorated within the city walls of Treviso during the 13th-20th centuries.
The results of the study, in addition to being published in the volume Treviso urbs picta, published in 2017 in Italian and in 2018 in English, were also collected and organised in the online database, which preserves and makes freely available to everyone the current and historical mapping of buildings characterised by frescoed façades, the information gathered through bibliographic and archival research, field surveys, and a detailed photographic campaign carried out by Arcangelo Piai and Corrado Piccoli.
From the end of 2019, thanks to the collaboration between the Rotary Club Treviso and the Fondazione Benetton Studi Ricerche, the painted city will also be narrated in the izi.TRAVEL application, the leading multimedia narrative platform dedicated to culture and travel tales, where the audio guides to Treviso urbs picta propose other itineraries along the streets and squares of the historic centre, to discover, for example, the “faux tapestries”.

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