Ukrainian war, President of Unioncamere Veneto Mario Pozza: securing Venetian entrepreneurs

President Mario Pozza's words

Economy - published on 24 February 2022
Source: press office of the President of the Unioncamere Veneto
Venice 24 February – The President of Unioncamere Veneto, Mario Pozza, comments on the situation in Ukraine: – It is a conflict that can have very negative consequences from an
economic point of view, but the priority now is to make entrepreneurs and workers in the area safe. The Farnesina has already activated a Crisis Unit and the Chamber System is ready to give its
support by guaranteeing full cooperation.
This conflict, unfortunately, will have important repercussions on our economic system if we consider that after the news of the invasion the cost of gas has increased by 41% and the first
data of the Milan Stock Exchange are not very encouraging and the spread continues to rise. As we mentioned a few days ago, Russia and Ukraine are two very important markets for Veneto
companies in terms of import and export flows. These are trade relations in which our entrepreneurs have been investing for years and which represent a strategic outlet and which now risk entering
a dangerous stand-by phase.
Exports to Ukraine are worth 302.9 million (2019), 0.5% of regional exports, up 31.3% from 2009. Imports, on the other hand, stand at 469.3 million, 1% of regional imports, up 111.8% from 2009.
Half of the exports to Ukraine in 2019 concerned: machinery, household appliances, chemical products. 73% of imports were related to metallurgical products.
Exports to Russia reach EUR 1.3 billion, 2% of regional exports, up 21% from 2009. Imports reached €324 million, 0.7% of regional imports, up 79.6% compared to 2009. Half of the exports to Russia
were machinery, clothing and furniture.
We are extremely worried about the negative repercussions on our economic fabric, but also about the general climate that a conflict of this kind could trigger at a global level just when we are
emerging from the pandemic emergency and the economy is recovering. And this war, unfortunately, risks bringing you back into another emergency. I repeat, however, that our thoughts are now with
the entrepreneurs, operators and workers from Veneto and Italy in Ukraine, who must be guaranteed the utmost security.

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