Unioncamere Veneto: administrative simplification, online beats bureaucracy

Boom of Chamber SUAP procedures in Veneto, first region in Italy in terms of volume - President Pozza: "The Veneto Chamber system as national excellence in digitalisation and training for SMEs and Public Administration"

Economy - published on 16 January 2023


Source: Press office Unioncamere Veneto

Venice – Mestre, 16 January 2023
In November 2022, almost 105,000 SUAP procedures were filed in Italy, exceeding the 100,000 monthly procedures for the first time. Of these, more than 41,000 were filed in Veneto,
which is first in Italy in terms of consistency
, beating Lombardy, which stands at 27,970. The four provinces of Belluno, Padua, Rovigo, and Vicenza have already reached 100% of active
municipalities on Impresainungiorno
, the SUAP platform of the Veneto Chamber of Commerce system that exclusively manages telematic services and fulfilments for businesses and PA.
This is the balance drawn by Unioncamere of Veneto at the conclusion of the activities financed together with the Veneto Region under the SME Convention.

Driving the 104,634 SUAP procedures made in Italy in November alone are CILAS Superbonus, which brings to 967,571 the number of filings made nationwide since the beginning of January 2022,
an increase of 20% over the previous year. Veneto, with over 370,000 instances in the year (it was 334,000 in 2021), accounts for almost 37% nationwide.
Padua shines with 7,853 applications and Vicenza with 8,716, among the provinces that in November recorded the highest percentage increase compared to the monthly average of the previous
quarter, 55.8% and 51.2% respectively.
This is a real boom for our region, which together with Lombardy and Trentino Alto Adige leads the increase in the Northeast in the ranking. “These important results are the result of the
strong commitment of the Veneto Chamber system towards digitalisation, the orientation of businesses and local administrations towards unbureaucratisation, and the intense training course on
SUAP Impresainungiorno and on administrative simplification tools for businesses, carried out by the Chambers of Commerce and the Regional Union” states Unioncamere of Veneto President
Mario Pozza.
As part of the SME Convention co-financed by the Veneto Region and Unioncamere, nine online meetings, three new e-learning training courses for SUAPs, and two meetings for businesses,
professionals, and trade associations were organised, with an average of 400 participants per webinar, mostly municipal officials. “A unique experience, – Pozza emphasises –
during which the Veneto Chambers of Commerce, supported by InfoCamere, cooperated to analyse the training needs of participants and the requirements of the territory, integrating
technical-informatics content with administrative content, thanks to the collaboration of Chamber officials and ‘virtuous’ SUAP officials”.
The intervention allowed the Public Administration to update its officials to respond more and more promptly to the needs of entrepreneurs and citizens, placing themselves at the service of
the community.
Measures were also implemented for the digitisation of SMEs and in particular on digital communication and the digital transformation of enterprises, in close coordination with the PIDs of the
Veneto Chambers of Commerce and the University of Padua – “Marco Fanno” Department of Economic and Business Sciences and the “Top of the PID Veneto 2022” award to valorise enterprises that have
been able to invest and build innovative projects in the areas of process digitisation, ecological transition, and innovative and concrete approach to territorial development.

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