Unioncamere Veneto President Mario Pozza at the 2021-2027 European Programming Training Days

Focus on the main funding opportunities

Events - published on 30 June 2022

Source: press office Presidency Chamber of Commerce of Treviso – Belluno|Dolomiti
Unioncamere Veneto President Mario Pozza, together with Chamber of Commerce administrators, managers and officials, and representatives of Brussels-domiciled bodies, is taking part in
the training days on European Programming 2021-2027 with a focus on the main funding opportunities.
The two-day event is being held at the headquarters of Unioncamere Veneto and the Veneto Region in Brussels, in cooperation with Venicepromex – internationalisation agency Scarl.
Topics covered: green and digital transition, financing opportunities for training, technological innovation, culture, tourism.

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