Universerìe: the mini theatre series on life at university returns to Padua’s Teatro Verdi

Acting and drama workshop for university students, registration open until 3 March 2022

Events - published on 14 February 2022

Source: press office Teatro Stabile del Veneto
Padua, 11 February 2022 – After the live edition from home in 2020 that crowded the rooms of Zoom and the stop imposed in 2021 with the theatres closed to the public, this year the Teatro
Stabile del Veneto
returns to propose the format that most of all has been able to conquer the university students of Padua: Universerìe, the mini-theatrical series on university life
entirely written and performed by UniPd students, comes back live at Teatro Verdi in Padua for a new edition.
The project, born in collaboration with the Amor Vacui Theatre Company, intends to continue the path started with Universerìe (2016-2018) and continued with Universerìe – New
Generation (2019), making the lives of university students, their choices, their indecisions, their stories protagonists and bringing them on stage. Written and performed directly by university
students, Universerìe includes a drama workshop, an acting workshop and a workshop dedicated to social media. This is an original and well-established format, which mixes fiction and reality
to produce a theatrical miniseries about university life in the city of Padua. The new series will consist of four episodes of about 30 minutes each, which will be staged at Padua’s Teatro
in May, and a season finale that will consist of a real show including all four episodes. The episodes will be written and performed by the participants in the workshop, coordinated
by the Compagnia Amor Vacui.
The call for proposals is mainly addressed to university students, but also to doctoral students, post-doctoral fellows, researchers, professors, technical and administrative staff, external
collaborators, Rectors, and all those who, for various reasons, have a formal relationship with the University of Padua. Special requirements (at least one of these): feeling part of
university life in Padua, having watched at least one TV series compulsively, having or having had during university life a friendship, a love affair, a life choice that did not go exactly as
expected. Registration is open until 03 March.

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