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Events - published on 29 October 2021

Source: press office IAT Treviso
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Saturday 30 October, 2.30 p.m. and 3 p.m.

November is back and with it the Veneto Mystery Shows festival! And as per tradition, the grand opening of this regional festival includes a special event in Treviso. This year we have
organised a Goose Game on the theme of legends and mysteries: The Mystery Game!
Starting from the Ufficio IAT Treviso centro (Tourist Information Office), you will throw the dice and from there fate will take you to the various stages of the game scattered around the
historic centre, where you will be told legends, mysteries and curiosities about the place by the talented actors of the Progetto Teatro per tutti company. You will then throw the dice again
and head for the next square/table.
Cost of participation: €5.
Reservation required.
The traditional appointment of Mystery Shows in Treviso with the guided tours that take you “along the streets of mystery”, this year takes on a very special atmosphere: you will discover those
legends of Treviso that are connected to Venice through facts and characters such as those that talk about the Podestà, or about Treviso and Venetian lovers, or about the Fountain of Boobs which
is the symbol of the link between Treviso and Venice during the Serenissima Republic, or about the passage of Attila in Treviso of which there are two thrones left to remember him! What better
way to commemorate the 1600th anniversary of the birth of Venice in the city to which it has been so closely linked for centuries?
The scheduled appointments are:

Friday 12 November, 6.30 pm

Saturday 20 November, 4 pm

Saturday, November 27, 4 pm

Cost: 8 € full price, 6 € reduced (6-14 years).

Reservation required.

You can buy tickets for all MOM routes at our IAT offices!
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