Veneto Chamber System Convention and Regional Economic Development Award

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Events - published on 05 December 2022
Source: Press Office Presidency of the Chamber of Commerce of Treviso – Belluno | Dolomites
Veneto Chamber System Convention and Regional Economic Development Award

The governance of the Veneto chamber system at M9 for the Union’s 1st convention. 5 Venetian excellences for economic development awarded.
President Pozza: “From the Veneto Chamber system over 53 million euros invested in 3 years to support businesses. Chambers of Commerce and Union aggregator poles for companies and
The Mayor of Venice Brugnaro, Regional Councillor Marcato, and Unioncamere President Prete participated.
5 companies were awarded:

Corporate Social Responsibility Section

​L’Incontro Cooperativa Sociale – Castelfranco Veneto (TV).
Currently the cooperative, which manages 28 facilities, has 341 worker-members and 61 employees and generates about 18 million in annual turnover. Thanks to the collaboration with local
enterprises and the Galileo Visionary District Science and Technology Park, processes have been initiated to bring the social and third sector closer to the business world.

Corporate Social Responsibility Section

​Mafin s.r.l. – Galliera Veneta (PD)
A producer of high-quality pellets for the snacks industry, it is Italy’s No. 1 producer and Europe’s leader by volume, with the world’s largest pellet production plant.

Business Innovation Section

​BOZZATO FABRIZIO Impresa Individuale – Cavallino Treporti (VE)
He grows vegetables on a one and a half hectare plot. He cultivates more than 30 varieties of herbs and flowers with special and curious properties sought after by star chefs.

Business Innovation Section

​HINOWA s.p.a. – Nogara (VR)
Long family tradition of machine builders. Specialises in the design, construction and sale of compact construction machinery.

Business Innovation Section

​BIOMAX s.p.a. – Vicenza

It is a leading national supplier of medical-surgical and implant devices for dentists. It also deals with invisible functional aligners for aligning teeth.
Unioncamere Veneto President Mario Pozza with Chamber Presidents and Vice-Presidents and Councillors award the winning Veneto companies at the Convention of the Veneto Chambers of Commerce.

BIOMAX SPA: Councillor of the Chamber of Commerce of Vicenza, Mirka Pellizzaro, presents the award. Coppola Antonio, Founder, collects the prize.

MAFIN srl: the Vice-President of the Chamber of Commerce of Padua, Franco Pasqualetti, presents the award. Pavan Stefano, the President, collects it.

L’INCONTRO COOPERATIVA SOCIALE: the President of the CCIAA of Treviso – Belluno| Dolomites Mario Pozza, and the Vicepresident Nadia Zampol, present the awards. Munaretto Raffaella,
Vicepresident, collects it.

AZIENDA AGRICOLA BOZZATO FABRIZIO: the member of the Giunta of the Chamber of Commerce of Venezia-Rovigo, Andrea Colla, presents the award. Marco Bozzato, Holder, collects it.

HINOWA SPA: the President of the Chamber of Commerce of Verona, Giuseppe Riello, presents the award. President Fracca Davide collects it.

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