Veneto on the Nasa Artemis mission With Zoppas

The President of the Region: proud. Veneto industry is also in space

Events - published on 29 August 2022
Source: press office Giunta Regionale del Veneto
(AVN) Venice, 29 August 2022 – Wherever high technology, reliability, and modernity are needed, industry from Veneto cannot be absent. Even when it comes to going into space with the new
Nasa mission called Artemis. Irca Zoppas will take the best of Veneto production technology up there, and this is a source of great pride.
So says the President of the Region, commenting on the important involvement of the Treviso-based company in the American space mission, whose Multi-Purpose Crew Vehicle European Service
contains numerous ‘heaters’, the Space Heaters, produced in Veneto.
Being a protagonist at this level – adds the Governor – is nothing new, because Irca Zoppas has been supplying the European Space Agency for 30 years with heaters (flex heaters)
used in the thermal balancing (Thermal Control System) of satellites, spacecraft, pressurised modules and ground antennas. The new historic step is to go into space with partners at the highest
level, such as NASA and the Italian Space Agency, in an innovative mission the likes of which has not been seen for years.

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