Venicepromex’s Sidex project to support companies in export starts in Treviso

First meeting focuses on internationalisation towards Germany, which is now worth almost EUR 2 billion

Events - published on 22 October 2021
Source: Venicepromex press office
20 October 2021 – Exports are a driving force for the growth and development of the GDP of companies in Veneto and Treviso. This is why VenicePromex, the special agency of the Chamber
of Commerce system, has planned a series of meetings with the aim of getting “alongside” the Veneto entrepreneurial system in its approach to international markets through practical information
and useful references
. The project is called “Sidex” and each meeting will be attended by an expert in internationalisation who will provide an authoritative point of view on the “check
list” for penetrating international markets safely and effectively.
During the operational meetings, entrepreneurs will have the opportunity to connect with Italian Chambers of Commerce abroad and ICE offices to have a direct channel of contact for any information
and guidance.
The first stage of this project was held in Treviso, at the Chamber of Commerce, with a focus on exports to Germany, which will be worth approximately EUR 1.8 billion for companies in the Veneto
region in 2020 and is growing steadily year on year. Pier Paolo Galbusera, Temporary Export Manager and expert in the internationalisation of small and medium-sized enterprises, spoke at the
meeting, emphasising “how Covid-19 was a cold shower for companies, but it also forced us to review our approach to internationalisation.
Today it is not enough to invest in production, but it is strategic to analyse the market, distribution and competitors in order to be prepared when going abroad. The product is certainly
important, but it is no longer enough on its own. Today, it is true that exports show positive and growing indicators, but it is also true that our competitors are growing. This is why, in order to
penetrate markets, we need a strategy and to invest in research, marketing and communication.
The other Sidex appointments that are organised in the Chambers of Commerce will be held in:

27 October in Belluno with Antonio Di Meo – expert in international payments, documentary credits, guarantees, Incoterms® and commercial contracts for foreign countries;

4 November in Verona with Pier Paolo Ghetti – expert in customs and international trade;

11 November in Rovigo with Paolo Gubitta – professor at the University of Padua – Department of Economics and Business Sciences;

18 November in Vicenza with Marco Tupponi – expert in international contracts;

22 November in Venice with Daniela Bassetto – expert in Marketing and Communication;

2 December in Padua with Giuseppe De Marinis – expert in international trade and commercial law;

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