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Promo - published on 14 July 2023

BONAIR MISURINA SRLS – Auronzo di Cadore (BL)

ACTIVITIES from the Register of Companies: “E-commerce of compressed breathable air inhalers from Misurina Lake”.

PRESENTATION: BONAIR MISURINA is a line of niche cosmetics and fragrances inspired by the virtuous ecosystem of the Dolomites, the conservation of which it from the perspective of environmental sustainability and human wellbeing. The company was born from Chiara Bonel’s idea to be the first in Europe to market an aerosol containing ‘breathable’ air captured in Misurina – home to the only centre in Italy for the treatment of asthma-bronchial diseases.

Later she developed the skincare project by exalting the virtues of the waters at the foot of the Three Peaks of Lavaredo and the algae that populate the surrounding lakes from which a cosmetic phytoextract with a patented formula was created for its high moisturising action.

DISTINCTIVE PROJECT DETAILS: Founder Chiara Bonel works every day to enhance the benefits of living in the mountain area, with new ongoing projects, from Forest Therapy to wellness rituals, which mix tradition and innovation. In terms of distinctive added value, a series of aspects (social, environmental, human resources, communicative) are considered, resulting in a positive impact on the environment and the community.

ABILITIES AND MOTIVATIONS: The ability to draw sustenance from the natural beauty of the territory, with strength and pride of belonging to it, respecting the environment and ecosystems, guaranteeing a circular economy.


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