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Promo - published on 14 July 2023


ACTIVITIES from the Register of Companies: “Training and professional start-up in the fields of education and learning“.

PRESENTATION: This is a Social Chocolate Shop that stems from the desire to create an ethical, inclusive and sustainable supply chain that simultaneously involves small cocoa producers in Ecuador and women living in fragile situations in Italy, thus generating a double impact and social and economic empowerment processes in these two countries.

On the Italian territory, NINA KAKAW offers a concrete response to the needs for emancipation and economic independence encountered among the women followed in the anti-violence centres (CAVs) of the province of Belluno, as well as women experiencing other types of fragility (mild disabilities, single mothers, migrants) who are identified and reported by other third sector organisations in the territory.

DISTINCTIVE PROJECT DETAILS: to increase the socio-economic independence of the beneficiary women through the activation of training and work placement paths that encourage them to return to a normalising, but at the same time structured environment such as workplace, and that help them to recover a temporarily lost social role. These paths are implemented through training internships.

ABILITIES AND MOTIVATIONS: The ability to put the person at the centre, to look at the human rights of women, building a bridge between two different cultures with different needs, which by integrating merge into a single dimension capable of creating economic and social value.


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