Hotel Calvi Di Fardin Alfredo

Via Calvi 19



+39 0438 941682



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A small hotel on the outskirts of the historic centre of Serravalle, it is well-kept and elegant, with an internal garden overlooking the clear Meschio river. Hotel Calvi was already a private residence in 1800 and became an inn in 1912, when it was purchased by Mr Pajer Saule, great-grandfather of the current owner. The hotel was run by Saule and his daughters until 23 August 1944, the day when, considered a partisan refuge by the German army, the hotel was set on fire. The Hotel Calvi then remained closed during the remaining dramatic period of World War II, which saw the areas surrounding the hotel at the centre of numerous war episodes. After the end of World War II, the structure, heavily damaged by the fire, was rebuilt and reopened to the public.

Various managements followed, including that of 'grandfather Alfredo', who expanded the structure from 1954 to 1968, bringing it to its current size, making the Hotel Calvi one of the major points of reference for German travellers and tourists in transit to the Adriatic Riviera. In 1997, the old Hotel Calvi was bequeathed to the grandson of the same name, Alfredo, who, after completely renovating it, reopened the Hotel Calvi on 1 July 1999 alongside his wife Flora, with whom he still manages it.