Roberto Industria Alimentare S.r.l.

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Food, Beverages, Production and Wine Trade


Roberto’s history starts in the first half of the 20th century, in Veneto, Italy. It is a story of passion, family ties and tradition. Founder Mario Canzian was born in 1908 in a small village in the province of Treviso.

Since younging Mario shows love and passion for bakery products and after working for years as an employee in the bakery of the village, with the support of the family, he decides to buy it and capitalise on all that he has learned. The commitment that requires the artisan activity is important and requires big sacrifices, the schedule are tight, work at night is scheduled and, of course, also the one very early in the morning but the passion of Mario is just as strong and doesn’t stop, indeed motivates him to go further, to expand the business and try to create new products, such as breadsticks, which will prove to be the flagship product of today’s company, those breadsticks that have made the company famous all over the world. Work increases and Mario has to figure out what to do.

After consulting the family, he makes an important decision: open a small establishment.

Here begins the little big adventure of Roberto: the company at the beginning has about ten employees, but then, in a few years the production is expanded, the company is structured and today can count on more than 200 people working. In 1962 Mario formed the company Grissinificio Roberto snc managed together with his sons Gianni and Roberto, in 2010 became Roberto Industria Alimentare srl and the management was transferred to the family of the first-born Gianni Canzian.