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Household Appliances, Industrial Machines


Vendrame, has been manufacturing agricultural and industrial machinery for over 40 years.

Our firm has been developing during the last 40 years its structure, organisation and technology so that become an important brand in manufacturing and supplying ecological equipment. Our business has been expanded from the national area to the neighbouring European countries (France, Austria, Switzerland, Slovenia, Greece, Malta), Egypt, Far East countries and Australia.

We are therefore searching new partners with which we would develop good relationships. Our production includes a full range of models of industrial, ecological and environment equipment: Equipments on lorry and trailers for sewage cleaning and washing sinkholes, mud draining, cleaning of underground pipe, street washing, etc.

Equipments for suction and/or washing: ideal for use in railway stations, airports, tourist villages; suitable for unclogging wells, decantation pools and chemical toilets. Trailer tanks for the transport and spreading of liquids (visit our website: The main feature of all our products is high versatility that permits to assemble on every model a large set of accessories. Our firm can satisfy with flexibility some special requests of other manufacturing sectors, so that it can produce components and equipment which have been ordered.