Nova Information Technology

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Informatics, Software, Web


Nova Information Technology is a company established with the aim of providing services related to electronic information processing (Information Technology). We work to provide the best possible service to customers. Often having the right information at the right time allows a company to impose itself on the market, to win over its competitors. We aim to bring to small and medium-sized enterprises the technologies and tools that until now were limited to the reach of large companies. We always try to establish a cooperative relationship with the customer, so that we can provide the most suitable and rapid solutions to the problems and needs that arise.

We are always open to new ideas and do not hesitate to challenge ourselves to improve the quality standard of our service. We take care of the software life cycle: Analysis, Design, Implementation, Testing, Release, Maintenance.

We want to adapt our production processes to the customer, not vice versa.

We apply the Agile Methodology, involving the customer at every stage of the work, thereby achieving a high degree of responsiveness to his demands. We develop software in limited time windows (iterations).

Each iteration is like a small project that contains what is necessary to release a small increment in the functionality of the application.

As the iterations progress, the software gets closer and closer to the customer's requirements, and the customer can thus steer the project more effectively.