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Road Traffic Accident Law is a specialisation that is now widespread throughout Italy and in many other European countries, aimed at advising and assisting all those who, for whatever reason, have suffered a road accident, an injury, or generally speaking, have suffered damages due to the liability of others. Those who suffer an accident or injury very often rely on their insurance company or lawyer friend for compensation.

It would be fair to ask: 'but whose interests do insurance companies serve?' and does the lawyer friend 'specialise in road traffic accidents?' Also with regard to the damage to be compensated some questions arise spontaneously: "how do we determine the amount of a fair compensation?", "what are the types of damage for which we are entitled to compensation?", "is it fair for insurance companies to decide among themselves how much we are entitled to?". Road Accident or Compensation Assistance Offices have been set up precisely because of the growing demand for protection from injured parties, who have well understood how difficult it is to operate in this complex sector, especially when dealing with a strong and organised counterpart such as insurance companies. It is also for this reason that many insurance agents, who are well aware of the gap of 'strength' between the insurance company and their client/injured party, often advise the latter to be assisted by a Road Accident Law Firm, especially when the accident has resulted in physical injury. It is therefore good not to confuse the two areas of insurance and compensation.

It is right to rely on one's insurance agent to advise one on the best insurance cover for one's needs, but it is equally necessary to rely on a good accident advisor to provide the best possible assistance in the event of a claim for damages. Indeed, the obvious 'conflict of interest' between who should be compensated (the citizen) and who should compensate (the insurance company) does not go unnoticed. THESE IN BRIEF ARE THE SERVICES OFFERED - acquisition of evidence from the authorities intervening at the scene of the accident - expert advice to estimate the damage to the car - reconstruction of accident dynamics - legal advice, where necessary, for civil and criminal proceedings - medico-legal consultancy for quantifying personal injury - expert opinions for the assessment of biological damage of a psychological nature, existential damage and other forms of compensation - approved body shops and outpatient clinics Without advance payment!