Marsura Salvino

Via Cà Pesaro 16
31056 , Vallio



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Metal and Alloy Products


Wants to express in the forging art his artistic sense, joined to an incisive material experience in the hardest metal working: the iron.

Since 1957, his recognised artistic talent of sculptor has been supported by a workroom, which was granted with the title of “Workshop School”, where the force of the single-man is joined to the force of a staff and together they develop in every field is possible to introduce this material.

Nowadays, as years ago, the working is hand-made, like the very old characteristics handed on from the craftsmen: forge, anvil and hammer, force and intelligence.

Thanks to an able precursor form of taste and technical innovation in forms and colours (often scorned for the upsettings made to the rules of classical working, but then imitated from a lot of people), the field of gift and fancy goods has been created and placed side by side to the existing field of furniture items, where he has been working since the beginning of his activity.