Fonderia Piave S.r.l.

Via Senatore Fabbri 92



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Metal and Alloy Products


onderia Piave S.r.l.

is a reference point for the production of cast iron in Treviso and the surrounding areas.

Its activity, in fact, lasts continuously for over fifty years.

The company is specialized in the production of castings for different industrial sectors, such as the hydraulic sector (distributors), the textile sector, the machine tool and agricultural machinery sectors, and the electric motor and shipbuilding sectors.

The attention paid to the quality of castings and the constant pursuit of technical and technological improvements allow the company to position itself as one of the most influential companies for the production of cast iron in Treviso and in the geographically adjacent regions. The services offered by Fonderia Piave S.r.l.

are aimed at all those companies that require spheroidal graphite and grey iron castings.

Moreover, thanks to the support and expertise of all staff members, the company is able to offer services aimed at solving complex problems.

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