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THE STRENGTH OF SYNERGIES. Imoco spa, Europrint srl and Arti Grafiche Friulane are three polygraphic companies with high production capacities, each with a strong specialisation in different printing sectors: lithographic (flat and reel), letterpress, flexographic, screen printing, digital.

Integrated companies, organised according to a proven strategy of synergies.

The advantages are obvious: better production organisation, optimisation of purchasing, use of the most appropriate technologies and machinery, access to competitive external partners and suppliers, and all-round operational flexibility. This is the value of synergies.

This is Imoco Group. IMOCO : Graphic Industries Imoco began its activity in 1980 in Ponzano Veneto in the production of continuous forms.

Three years later it moved to Villorba-Treviso implementing the product range, with the marketing of office articles, and from the end of the 1990s also integrating the sale of ribbons and specialising in the printing of labels/neutral laser and flexo. AGF : Arti Grafiche Friulane Arti Grafiche Friulane was founded in 1922 as a graphics factory and publishing house, quickly establishing itself as a point of reference for organisations, companies and communication agencies.

In 2006 it joined the Imoco Group, specialising in the production of high quality offset and screen printed roll labels.

In 2013 it moved to the new plant in Fagagna - Udine. IMOCO : graphic industries Europrint was founded as a printing and publishing house in 1978 and soon became a lithographic company, equipping itself with state-of-the-art machinery.

Today, it is a company specialising in the artistic and cultural production of valuable photographic volumes, art books, periodicals, catalogues and any product for corporate communication.