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Spinning of textile fibres; weaving, dyeing and finishing on our own account and on behalf of third parties; trade in textiles and clothing in general. COMPLETE CYCLE FOR THE PRODUCTION OF CARDED WOOL FABRICS After an accurate selection of the wools, we proceed to the DYEING of the staple in the various colours which, mixed together, will give origin to the melanges; these will pass to the CARDING department obtaining rovings wound on soft bobbins.

This is followed by the important operation of SPINNING which, by means of rings, winders, couplers and twisting machines, produces the yarn by winding it onto bobbins and then onto packages. WARPING, WEAVING AND FINISHING The carded yarns and the finest combed yarns are unwound from the bobbins and laid out in sequence to create the vertical element of the fabric through warping and then arranged on the looms.

WEAVING, with modern rapier looms, inserts the wefts (the horizontal element of the fabric) through the warp threads, creating the designed fabric in infinite combinations of structures, patterns and colours.

At this point we proceed with FINISHING: a sequence of physical treatments aimed at defining the specific characteristics of each type of carded or combed fabric (strength, softness, calorific value, creaseability, stability, etc.). ETHICS AND ECOLOGY The enhancement of the centuries-old Made in Italy textile tradition, the rediscovery and selection of the national sheep heritage, the production of ecological fabrics of the Lanaitaliana® line are the foundations of a company that pursues sustainable progress with untiring research and confirms itself as a reference point in the environmental field.