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SanaGens was founded in Treviso in 1952.

The vocation to research, inaugurated with the Centro Studi SanaGens and conducted by medical specialists, orthopedic technicians, and podiatrists, is still the basis of the evolution of SanaGens, which has always dealt with the health of the foot and beyond.

This has allowed SanaGens to acquire a specialized know-how unique in its kind, which soon led our brand to become a reference point in the industry.

Devising ever new solutions for better walking, in 1991 SanaGens created the new Line of Preventive Support Tights, an effective solution for relieving fatigue, reducing evening swellings and improving blood circulation in the legs. The Brand thus becomes a recognized leader in Italy in the health sector not only for physiological footwear, but also for graduated compression stockings and tights. In 2002 we introduced a range of highly specialized physiological footwear, ideal for the diabetic and rheumatic foot, completed by post-operative footwear and support footwear.

In 2008 the SanaCell - SanaDol Line was born, a complete range of sheaths to reduce the skin imperfections of cellulite and the field expanded to other segments with knee pads, ankle pads, elbow pads and wristbands, to alleviate painful sensations of various kinds. Today SanaGens holds an important patrimony of knowledge about foot health that it applies daily to its own production, to the advantage of the final consumer who has at his disposal a wide range of comfortable and quality footwear, beautiful and fashionable both for professional and leisure.