Nani Rizzi Az. Agr. Di Spagnol Denis

Via Stanghe 22
31049 , Guia



+39 0423 900645



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Nani Rizzi, Family-run Azienda Agricola in Valdobbiadene, cultivate and produce high quality Prosecco since 1887, using grapes from Guia’s hills (Valdobbiadene) and doing personally the winemaking process.

Heir to a great and long wine-growing and producing tradition, Denis Spagnol continue the work started by his grandfather Giovanni called “Nani Rizzi” at first, and then continued by his father Ergi.

The secret of the Nani Rizzi’s success, is the unchanging passion for the vineyards and the surrounding territory where it is located.

It all begins with the precious wine grapes called “Glera”, growned in the renowned and picturesque Valdobbiadene hills, than transformed into excellent and high quality products, thanks to the union between traditional techniques and technological innovation.

The result is a wide range of sparkling wine that represent the excellence of a territory, divided into 3 different line: CRU Nani Rizzi, DOCG Nani Rizzi and Doc Nani Rizzi.

Different peculiarities and typologies, according to the different needs and characteristics of our customers.