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Copywriting (drafting text content for online and offline publication: websites, newsletters, catalogues, brochures, advertorials, product sheets, company profiles, organ houses, etc.), website creation, social media marketing, press releases, editing, blogs, tourism marketing. My name is Ferena Lenzi, I have a high school diploma in classical studies and, incidentally, a degree in Law resulting in qualification to practise law.

In fact, I have been involved in communication for many more years than I have spent in courtrooms.

I am freelance and live in Treviso. I write The written word transcends time.

It is a kind of legacy.

An extremely ductile, enchanting, powerful tool that leaves traces.

I find it fascinating that words are available to anyone and that, if used well, they can create mosaics of the highest value, transfer knowledge, move people to action. I always write for someone who reads.

Behind the excavation of the meaning of words, there is attention to all that is human, to every expression of being.

Therefore, my thoughts go to that reader: do I enable him to understand the text? Do I complicate his life with excessively long periods or excessively specialised language? Above all, do I enrich him with something? Writing means asking questions, knowing the weight of meanings, expanding the number of words used, scratching the surface.

Writing must be a tribute, bring about a transformation in the reader, respect his intelligence. I observe In high school, friends used to elbow me when I would be absorbed in looking at someone or something, at the bus stop or, a few years later, on the train to university.

Mobile phones were not used: we all had more time to look around and let our imaginations run wild.

Over the years, I have learnt to dissimulate curiosity, but the ability to observe has remained.

It's a question of empathy.

Of sensitivity.

Some would call it emotional intelligence.

Whatever name it has, it is a predisposition to pick up nuances, emotions, tensions, signals.

An ability that helps me in my relationships and, a lot, in my work.

The declination of observation that I like best is photography.

An activity that allows me to rest my gaze and take time to savour the unexpected. I contaminate myself Those who do my work must continually feed themselves, travel, listen, let themselves be infected by books, films, landscapes, encounters, looks, trends.

Staying curious, opening myself up to dialogue and letting what happens outside reverberate within me, allows me, when I write, to draw on a greater variety of images, sounds, experiences.

What I have experienced, what I read, observe, taste, appreciate, the skills I have acquired over many years of professional activity, the emotions I let flow through me, are the background, the background (personal and, as such, unique), with which I approach the client and which I make available when his project also becomes mine.