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A LONG HISTORY OF LOVE It is a long history of love, day after day, year after year, that has woven its way into the intimate depths of our family. Love for those around us, for the land that has borne us, which to this day still enfolds us, and for the events that happen from time to time. Love for life, that in its slow procession has gifted us with all its beauty, all its charm. For over a thousand years now, the Collalto name has intertwined with the land of Treviso and with one of its noblest and far-reaching treasures, wine. The enviable history of ancient landowning nobility; intimately, unquestionably bound to its local area; showing uncompromising respect for nature and its fruits, protecting its ecosystem and the wondrous landscape that this ancient land has provided us. This, in vibrant colours, is our photograph. A photograph that is still reproduced today and indeed gains new lustre with the magnificent estate of Susegana, with the uninterrupted dedication that is the hallmark of today’s heir to the family tradition – Principessa Isabella Collalto de CroŸ – with her wines’ indubitable reflection of their land of origin, and with her insatiable desire to do everything well. Always aware that when one is enjoying life, time passes with incredible swiftness.