Torneria Scapolan S.r.l.

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Household Appliances, Industrial Machinery


Torneria Scapolan was founded in 1978 as a company specialised in bar turning for precision metal components to customers’ drawings.

1995 was the first important transition; the company progressed technologically and made a breakthrough with its first numerical control machine.

In 2001 the decision was made to enter the European market.

The most significant change took place in 2009, when the company took a firm stand in facing the economic downturn, making it an opportunity to implement an evolutionary process that involved the entire business: work methods, machinery and greater specialisation for personnel.

Torneria Scapolan presents itself as a prompt efficient partner that pays careful attention to the details and finish on its products, which are precision manufactured with minimum tolerances.

Today Torneria Scapolan is a sound company that has taken up the challenge of operating also in delicate sensitive areas which require constant commitment and particular care and sense of responsibility.

The main areas served by our company are automation, shipbuilding, railway, defence, pneumatics, oleodynamics, automotive and household appliances.