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Trevi Coliseum, one of Italy’s ten largest manufacturers of eyewear, was funded in Domegge di Cadore in 1971 on the initiative of the Valmassoi brothers.

Initially, the business focused on the distribution of optical frames and sunglasses for the Italian market.

In 1977, the company opened a production laboratory specialising in the engineering and manufacturing of plastic and metal frames, which allowed it to meet the needs of the foreign market.

For Trevi Coliseum, 1988 was a crucial turning point.

The manufacturing plant and export department were moved to Longarone (Belluno), while the distribution centre for the Italian market remained in Cadore.

The business of Trevi Coliseum was divided into two segments:distribution of its lines (Clark®, Cotton Club®, Coliseum®) through exclusive agents in Italy, France, Spain, Austria and distributors in most foreign countries

development and design of specific models for its clients’ collections.

With a highly active R&D department, consisting of designers and technicians supported by state-of-the-art equipment and Cad-Cam technology, Trevi Coliseum develops and launches on the market more than two hundred new models every year, using traditional plastic and metal as well as special materials, such as titanium, carbon and wood.

These features allow Trevi Coliseum to meet the needs of customers anywhere in the world.

Our MISSION is to always offer our customers a rich collection of samples and innovative design, providing them with real-time pre- and post- sales support.