CAPPELLO S.R.L. - Antica Locanda Cappello

Piazza Papa Luciani 20
Mel (BL)



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Hotel, restaurants, bar


The Locanda Cappello is the oldest inn in Mel in the province of Belluno, located in the central square dedicated to Pope Luciani, a native of this area. The name derives from the Cappello family, former owners of the inn. Lorenzo Cappello purchased the large seventeenth-century palazzo, formerly the seat of the Knights of Malta, from Giorgio De Fulcis in 1700, adapting the ground floor premises to become an inn capable of seating a large number of guests and arranging some beds. Lorenzo's descendants, in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, continued the activity of their ancestors, improving it more and more and also contracting a carriage service that connected Mel with Feltre and the Primiero area, Belluno and other centres. The Cappello family owned the Locanda until 1958, and the subsequent management continued the exquisite hospitality and haute cuisine that have earned it the highest honours in Venetian and national gastronomy.

Frequented by illustrious historical figures and of great renown, for years it has enjoyed considerable success that has earned it inscription among Italy's historic establishments.

It was closed for renovations in 2005. In 2010 the Locanda Cappello was reopened after a thorough renovation by the new owners, Mr and Mrs Bresolin. The work brought to light wonderful decorations and revealed ancient stuccoes in many rooms and in the restaurant halls.

The stables have been restored and adapted as reception rooms, and some rooms/suites and attics have been equipped with every comfort.